Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I really should be finishing up Sheldon for Zoe today, but - as mentioned in my last post - I'm taking the more laissez faire approach to holiday knitting this year.

So enter this. Fresh off the rude discovery that no matter how much I loved Sylvi, she did not love me back when I tried her on. Now, I'm resigned to looking for the amazing sweater coat to take her place. And I'm thinking I may have found it here, but..

I see the posed shot of my dream jacket (below). My completely shapeless dream jacket.
If I was dwarfed by Sylvi, with her lovely A line shape and less ginormous size, this puppy would be my undoing. And the ladies at Yarns in the Farms can attest to the fact that I was swimming in poor, gorgeous Sylvi. I'm just too short for the big stuff.

See? Eeeew.

But I'm thinking there's still something here - I love the collar and I love the chunky yarn in the leaf lace pattern. And I still do have about 2,000 yards of cream colored chunky yarn burning a hole in my stash, so I sat down for a bit this afternoon.

(Which is a good thing, since I have stitches in the bottom of one of my feet and a really unfortunate situation on the bottom of the other)

And Maya even sat down with me and agreed. The idea could be saved.

So far, a shorter length and a fitted shape on top. Some straight knitting up there too instead of lace so I can be more exact about the fit - deep ribbing on the sleeves, but a little smaller sizing on the ccollar. We added a rolled knit hem, and a couple buttons just where Stacy London tells us to put them ever Friday night. We played with extra ribbing on the sides, but took it off.

Math was done and a swatch begun. We took measurements, checked them twice, and I'm about to cast on for a first side. All I need is another glass of wine and maybe to pee first (don't we all?). Don't know about you, but I've been standing waaaaay too long in front of the computer.

And poor Sheldon will have to hang out in the bag till tomorrow.


Nell said...

You're so close on Sheldon. It won't take much longer. Plenty of time!

Holli said...

Cool! I can't wait to see how this works out. Aren't big plans fun?

Good Luck!

Carol said...

The swatch is sooo pretty!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I think its gonna be good...