Tuesday, December 30, 2008

shit shit shit!!!

Anyone know how to get WAX off a sweater?????

I accidentally blocked over a wax drop on the table leftover from Hanukkah and now have a big bluish gray wax imprint spot my lovely creamy white lacy ass...

It's a basic wool fiber - like a thicker cascade 220. Maybe a tiny bit woolier/scratchier.
There's gotta be a trick, right? and you guys know it. right?

tell me!


Amber said...

Breath :)

Paper towel on the wax, above and below. (or other absorbent fabric)

Warm Iron.

Melts wax, wax absorbs into paper towel.

Life goes on :)

You may have to repeat a few times for best results.


Holli said...

Oh Thea -- I'm so sorry!

According to this site (http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf001397.tip.html) Amber's got the right idea with the iron and paper bag trick. I hope it works. Please keep us posted.

Good Luck!

Not An Artist said...

I second the paper towel + iron trick. But be careful to keep your iron clean, otherwise you may just end up spreading the problem.

If that doesn't work, you could try the freezer trick: freeze until the wax becomes hard and brittle, and you should be able to just flake it off.

As a last resort, try having it dry cleaned. Just be sure to let them know its 100% wool!

Anonymous said...

Freezing would have been my suggestion, too. Hope something works!

(and once it does, let us know what cocktail was necessary to take the sting out of this)

Disco said...

paper towel or brown paper with warm iron. Melts the wax from fabric and the paper absorbs it.

Good luck - would be such a shame to have spoiled all that knitting

LizzieK8 said...

Hold the area, wax side down over a bowl. (Need helper for this.) Pour boiling water over the area where the wax is.

The wax will melt and go into the bowl.

I find the brown paper and iron to be much more "dangerous" due to extended heat on the garment. Depending on fiber content....

My dad sold church candles all my young life. This is the tried and true method we always used.

Carol said...

Oh no!! Wax and then singeing! I would be demoralized. Did you re-knit the back??