Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thanks so much for the quick great advice!

But I managed to make a good mess over here. I think my wax spot was pretty well smushed in there. It didn't even feel waxy after a few quick ironings, but there was still a big grayish spot.

So anyways, it did start to work. But, apparently, the amount of heat needed to get the spot up was about the same amount of heat it took to make a big singed brown patch on the rear of the sweater. Or maybe I held it on too long? Am thinking that could be the problem.
Anyways, it's completely unsalvageable now.

But the good news?
My sizing is spot on, I know what to do for the pattern, and I have a ton more white yarn. (More free white yarn given to me years ago, even) And, although I had seamed one side, I had not woven in a single end. Silver lining here, right?

So, onto knitting the back once more. It'll be easy to take this back off and attach a new improved one soon. But maybe in a few days. I have a scarf idea that seems more attractive tonight.

Happy New Year's!



"hello happy new year"

LizzieK8 said...

Sorry I was too late...but now you know for next time.

Holli said...

Augh! Sorry Thea.

You've got the right attitude for getting this baby fixed though -- I'm looking forward to seeing it.


Sharon said...

Oh sorry Thea. That's a tough one. Glad that worked out especially after all of your hard work.

Happy New Year to your and your family!

Nell said...

Way to be positive about the whole thing. At least you don't have to take the seams apart!

colleen said...

Argh! Sorry about that mishap. Would bleaching help any now?

Batty said...

Uh, that bites! I've successfully used a sheet of paper and an iron -- you can't burn the sweater because the paper begins to scorch way before the sweater does, so you know when to stop.