Friday, February 20, 2009

These are my new pets - a gift for my birthday recently from an old friend who knows I've always had a pair on my front lawn - but here in Boston, my little friends spend a lot of the winter covered up or only peeking out from a snowy mound. She thought I could use a few for inside during the winter - so they're awesome and living on the kitchen shelf - and they came with this nifty little book. Full of facts.

Did you know that the first plastic flamingo was made in 1957 by a MA company named Union Products? And that they made white ones called Snomingos? And the flamingo is the only bird that eats with its head upside down, and standing up? Well you do now.

It's also full of cocktail recipes.

Pink Flamingo #1

1.5 ozs light rum
1 oz dark rum
.5 oz vodka
splash of cherry juice
top off with lemon lime soda
cherry (of course)

Shake in jigger of ice and add to ice filled Collins glass.

It's full of more drinks, so stay tuned. I meant to blog about them a few weeks back but they were forgotten until today - when, as one of the only people who go to the zoo in the snow - we saw actual flamingos and I remembered.

In addition to flamingo activities, I've picked up my Cabled Waistcoat from Rowan Studio 8 and managed to finish up the second front in the past day or so.

The going has been slow on this project - a short bout with the plague (which was fun), school vacation, girl scout cookie duty, overnight visitors and Dickens' Tale of Two Cities have kept me from the needles.

The Dickens was amazing. There's a reason it's one of the best known novels ever. I was completely sucked in. Lucky for me, Maya was finishing up Harry Potter 7, so we could both sit on the sofa together for hours. Zoe was a little pissed, but she colored her way through the boredom.

Here's a good shot of the waistcoat - I've decided to make the back without the cables in the interest of time - if I'm planning to wear it this winter, the rest of this puppy needs to fly. The belt and loops are still to be added, and the sleeve ribbing too. It's a little daunting.

And, I'm ready to think about spring already!

With that in mind, Maya's already given me a drawing, we've worked out sizing and evne some details. Swatching has begun. Anyone hoping for a cabled spring cardigan for their 8-12 ish year old will be happy to know it's on the way.


mindy said...

That one sounds yummy! When I saw the flamingos the first thought I had was "I want my Jimmy Buffett CD- now!"

Nell said...

OK- I need to do more reading. Dickens is someone I've never gotten in to. But I really should try harder.

Carol said...

Great book. Sidney Carton is one of my favorite characters of all time.