Thursday, February 05, 2009

work well for the knitting and the cocktails.

I'd love to say this week's post was a concious effort to help the planet, waste less, save money or something more inspiring. But honestly, I found myself obsessed with the idea that the leftovers from Zoe's Penguino didn't fit in my Bits Bag, and I physically couldn't knit another thing until I had used up some strays to make room in there. Never mind that our kitchen is full of brand new gallon size Ziplocs. It's really just OCD gone wild.

Here's what I got so far. And we're back down into one bag.
I think my inner OCD has grasped the fact that victory is in sight in terms of knitting down the stash (holy shit, I did write those words - it's true. We're almost there...) and that little (or not so little) type A portion of my psyche would NOT allow any backsliding as it glimpsed the finish line a few projects down the road.

So honestly, whenever I picked up my cabled sweater or Maya's new design project, I'd get huge Attention Deficit Disorder. I couldn't sit still for more than a few moments to knit. Instead, I'd have an urge to look at the colorwork stitchionary or the stitch dictionary, cruise Ravelry for hat ideas, flip through old magazines.

And yep, if I picked up one of those stash hats, I could go for hours. Uninterrupted.

So I figured, fuck it. Obviously I wasn't going to win here. And here are a few hats. I'm digging thow this fair isle one looks, but fair isle is quite the pain in the tush. All those strands. Makes me really appreciate the gorgeous mittens I'd been admiring on Rav. You guys have the patience of saints. Me, I had my eye on the end of this project about halfway through.

I think my stash possessed hands will be fine after one more - I can't seem to shake the idea of one in cashmerino aran - and yep, I have a skein waiting from the bag.

And as I said in the beginning of this post, the whole leftover thing works just fine for cocktails too. I could have gone down the basement to the stock shelves (kind of a liquid stash we keep down there for EMERGENCIES..) but instead, I figured Maya and I would try and see if anything in the fridge went together. Going through the fridge was oh so hilarious. Would have been more so if I'd already had the drink.

She's quite the kidder, but I decided to pass on the A-1 and the months old Teriaki sauce.
However, the fridge was just full of possibilities. Here were the A list contenders.

Maya Mix

And here's what we came up with. We figured the seltzer was only a leeeetle flat. We were right.
Calling the pomegranate martini mix "pomegranate juice", we mixed it with lots of lime juice and a bit of OJ. These were a little too orange for our tastes, so we poured and added more pomegranate juice. Then more lime. Then a little Apricot brandy into mine - and a little more lime. They weren't bad - maybe a little summery for a winter's afternoon and the fire, but hey.

so I'm guessing one more hat and I can get on with my life.

And I'm thinking about hot chocolate with butterscotch schnapps ever since Sunday,
Sara! I see a few of those in my future.


Sarah Jackson said...

those hats are so great! I'm always much more motivated by small projects than big ones. And I'm so impressed about your stash knitting. That's my goal for this year.

Hilary said...

Hooray for stashbusting! I have to say, your stashbusting hats look MUCH nicer than most of my stashbusting projects have. They actually look wearable! I love the fair isle one.

Carol said...

The hot chocolate and schnapps is my fav apres-ski drink. Did Sara take it from the mountain? I'm STILL looking for butterscotch schnapps down here so if you see a bottle, buy me one. Please!

Anonymous said...

They make butterscotch schnapps???? Gotta find me some of that. Great hats!

Nell said...

Great hats. And congrats on the stash control. I'm SO not there.