Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm hugely impatient. (readily admitting here - funny that I'm a knitter, since we're all supposed to be incredibly patient - all that one stitch at a time stuff). But I'm also boooooored.

My mind's wandering as I knit and then I'm even more impatient. More bored. It's the current project, which I'll love when done, but am bored by this week. I'm more than halfway up the stockinette back of my gray long vest, and apparently I'm only too happy to be distracted. Repeatedly, I've been distracted by two things.

1. How many of you are downloading that stashy hat! Wow!
2. How much I love this rib rib cable scarf, which I've been wearing around everywhere.

So hey, I'm going to combine them and entertain myself at the same time.

kind of a bonus - not exactly a contest.

Anyone who posts a finished or in the works stashy hat on Ravelry, either ravelry comment or blog comment me your real life email and I'll send you the pattern to make your very own Rib Rib Cable scarf.

See, this way I get to see pics of your hats, which I'm dying to see -- and I've taken the morning away from my gray back knitting to write up a pattern and play on the web. Not to mention the next few days, when I will most likely get up from my knitting 100 times to check if any of you are taking my bait.

Fun for everyone. Win win.


Holli said...

As soon as I get my current WIP done, I'll be whipping up your stashy hat -- and I can't wait!

Photos WILL follow.

colleen said...

I am loving the asymmetry of the cable on the right.