Thursday, March 05, 2009

Stuff. This is the latest in a series of bags and baskets of yarn I've been receiving from a friend as she empties out her Grandmother's house. Grandma is just fine, but after a lifetime of hoarding stuff, she's moving to smaller and cleaner quarters. She was a big knitter, and since I'm one of the only knitters around the neighborhood (or the only one my friends know of), I've been getting periodic deliveries like this one.

Mostly, Zoe's and Maya's schools are getting big batches of arts and crafts yarn, but hidden in each basket are a few choice skeins which have made it into the stash for later. Fun vintage yarn.

And in this basket.... a new revelation. Grandma was a quilter!

Here's a little sample of the quilty treasures. Tons of stars, squares and not photographed, fans.
The fabric squares are beautiful - all kinds of colors and mostly delicate floral patterns. I lost an hour or two of my life yesterday arranging them into color groups and little designs.

Oooooh. Carol is excited because she already knows she's getting it.

And as if this wasn't enough, there were patterns. Patterns that maybe should never have been made up, but patterns none the less. My faves are the quilted vests. I'm not sure which the best is, so I'll share both with you, because each is definitely special in its own way.


Everyone in your religious sect will be jealous when they see you strutting around the compound in this getup, won't they? I'm loving the strong wingy shoulders. And the napkin bib.


And this one, because stiff fabric in a square shape with horizontal patterns is equally unflattering for women of all shapes and sizes. Anyone who watches what not to wear knows Stacy and Clinton would have a field day with this little number.

And yep, that covers the basket.

But I got even more fun stuff this week. A way cool birthday present from my sister. I've been told I must blog this for my friend Annie, but honestly I'd have blogged it anyways because it's so pretty. Can you believe, it's the first time anyone ever bought me yarn for an event or holiday or something, and really, what better gift can a knitter get? A random skein of something cool. It's awesome.

It's this gorgeous pumpkin colored shetland, dyed with tumeric and amaretto. Alene tells me it's from a small shop in Boonville CA called The Knitted Brow. She also said they had a few animals out back or next door or something and she even got to see them spinning some stuff up. Way cool. I envision some cabled mitts out of this for next fall.

One more gift. The label was too good to pass up, said my stepdad. (This might not make sense if you don't know my actual name IS Thea.)

And lastly, a third stashy hat. This one is a skein of Rowan tweed in a lovely blue. Since the tweed isn't as stretchy as the other yarns I've used, I knit it up on 6s. Works great. It fits me, but Maya's the model here. It's for a friend - stay tuned, Christopher, yours is next!

OK, that's all - I think I may have even overshot my wad with this post.
What will I have to talk about next time??


Hilary said...

HAHA!!! Your description of quilted vest #1 made me laugh out loud...and I'm still going to be laughing hours from now! Oh my sides hurt.

The yarn from your sister is absolutely gorgeous!!

Christopher said...

You quilters and your "funny patterns."

Wait, what?!?

Thea said...

Hot frustrated quilters letting it all out? Gotta stop by JoAnns and check it out. or wait, I cant.

How did you even find that article???

Carol said...

I didn't think anything could top this post but that article did it. Gotta get a copy of that Quilter's Home! Can't wait to work with all those vintage fabrics!!

Holli said...

Thea Wine -- that's cool!

Anonymous said...

Yay- wine named after you, gorgeous skein of yarn, fun basket of stuff- perfect! (great hat, too)

At Home Mommy Knits said... much fun stuff. I don't know but I really think you should make yourself up a quilted vest. Maybe you can bring it into style :) haha

Annie said...

Oh my God, Thea, the hand-dyed tumeric yarn Alene mentioned is gorgeous. Thanks for posting it. Now you will have to create a cocktail of the same color...

yoel said...

What a great treasure chest of goodies!

Also, you have an award on yoelknits!

trsf said...

Gotta find that Thea Wine! So very cool!!!!