Saturday, March 07, 2009

The picture might not be so pretty, but the drink is. It's some Baileys, a little milk and chocolate syrup. Mixed up and served on ice. It was either this or another sleeve of those Caramel girl scout cookies tonight. Those are awesome. I figure I'll save the sleeve for tomorrow.

Since we went up to the North Shore today for a little 60 degree beach time (before it snows again next week), I have no new knitting photos for you (don't worry CV, it's being knit, just not photographed!) So.... here's one that's been sitting in the camera. I've been passing it over as not so interesting, but today - after looking over the alternate options and deciding I am in the mood to write up a blog entry anyways - it's absoultely fascinating. It's my new circular needle organizer. Yep. Fascinating.

Actually I love it. I have a ginormous amount of circs, and most of them have long ago parted ways with any identifying sleeves, so I'm always trying to untangle and gauge the sizes of these puppies in one big basket. I have been kind of looking for some beautiful organizer at my LYS, but I just keep finding ones for the straights. Or, I'm always just too cheap for the good ones I see for the circs. (more likely)

Anyways, I found THIS in a stationery store. I think it's a bill organizer. But for $7.99, it's a circular organizer. Works like a charm. All kidding aside, really - it does. Get one. With all the money you save, you can buy a bottle of Baileys and have some dessert too.

Lastly, more free knitting supplies. These were dropped off today by another neighbor. It's a small batch of vintage straight needles. They're cool - a few are see through plastic. Sitting above them is my sister, wearing my Tilted Duster. The neck annoyed her, as she couldn't figure out the buttons. Inside, outside - it was all just too much for her.

So instead, she ended up with the February Lady Sweater. And then she really ended up with it, since it looked lovely on her, she liked it, and I'm a sucker when it comes to giving her knits. She's a great recipient. And she's going to babysit in a few Saturdays so we can go to a party.

PS - next to the needles, I forgot - 3 new skeins of Kathmandu Aran in green - thanks to all of you who have been casting on for Golden Vintage Cardigans - the new little surge of patterns you bought funded that purchase.

And on the side there, a new paperback - from the vintage shop in Newburyport, so it smells like it should. Old 1960s paperbacks. Mmmmm. It's Great Expectations - my next Dickens. This one is funny. He's got a dry sarcastic sense of humor, and he can be a tad mean about it - I think I may have liked him in real life. Too bad he can't stop by for a cocktail, huh?


Carol said...

Good day for the beach. We were outside riding bikes to the playground!

Anonymous said...

Close to Lake Michigan? 60 and snow next week?

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Love Great Expectations I hope you enjoy it. YUMMY drink! We are all about the baileys in this house. Great circular needle holder! I have a CD pocket holder that houses my circulars at the moment-necessity the mother of invention :)

Hilary said...

How clever! What a great idea for a circular needle holder. And Dickens...I don't know why I hated reading him so much in high school because HE IS AWESOME. Bleak House might be my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Yum. (and beach? yum too!).

I got one for you. Vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup (or just choc ice cream). Mix in blender w/ any combo of creme de cacao, amaretto, kahlua, or baileys. Best milk shake I've ever had.

Holli said...

Yum, that's my kind of cocktail - and what a CLEVER idea for organizing your circulars! Cool.