Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two hats. One specifically requested via video email by my friend Christopher (who's also sporting a peace hat around town - but handknit hats are like crack and one just isn't enough sometimes, right?). Especially when it's still snowing in March.

The video was of a Kenmore commercial with a little kid wearing a similar white and black hat. The email said please very nicely and offered babysitting, which we've already taken advantage of.


One pre paid babysitting hat ready for pickup. And the partner hat, because the lovely Stephanie deserves some love too. Why don't you email me in real life and we can make a dinner out of it this week? (that's for Christopher and Stephanie, that part...)

For those of you not lucky enough to know and care about my aforementioned buddies,

other knitting has been going on. This is the latest Maya cardigan for spring. I'm thinking of naming it ZigZag, but she's wavering on the title. It should be done this week and if anyone wants to test knit a size 6-10 short sleeved cardigan for their little girl for spring, shoot me an email. (Sorry, I can't pay you or provide yarn)

I am open to other yarns besides the one I've used - since everyone tends to sub, including myself, and it's fun to see how a pattern translates. I used Classic Elite Pebbles, kind of a textural acrylic cotton blend. Am thinking other DK weight cottons -not too drapey - would also work as long as you have gauge. On 5s, my gauge is 5.5 sts per inch. Also, please only volunteer to test if you have time to begin this now and finish within a couple of weeks - since I want to get it all set in before spring knitting is over!

Anyways... It's a simple short sleeve number with a few lace inserts on the front and back. Going to have a ribbon and snap closure. The actual knitting is taking me about a week. I should have it done by the end of the weekend.

Also on the - sort of -- Maya knits front -- I have put in to start a new Ravelry group for other knitters like myself who find themselves in between the world of cutesy kid knits and too sophisticated adult knits. A group for those of us with 8-18 year olds or Tweens & Teens. To swap ideas, books, patterns, things you saw at Justice, etc. Sizing commentary, junior high school sweater angst. Whatever else comes to mind.

If you are interested in being contacted or "invited" just comment me either here or on Rav. The little banner is in the design phase and I should be posting the group soon and it has a little "who to invite" box.

Lastly -- my current fave drink - the snow is melting around here and ice cubes will be back in fashion before long. This is dark rum, ginger ale and lime. It's good. Anyone who owns a 8-18 year old might like to own one of these as well :-)


Holli said...

Wow -- you knit FAST!

Carol said...

I'd volunteer but you know I wouldn't have it finished this year. I'm doing a different cardi for G from Sublime. On the cocktail front, have you ever tried a bourbon and maple syrup old fashioned? Evidently all the rage in NYC. No idea how to make it but I'm sure you could fudge it.

Anonymous said...

Count me in- for both the group and needing the drinks!

Hilary said...

I LOVE the black and white hat! Right, I don't wear hats...still want one, though!

scmommyknits said...

Count me in for the 8-18 year old group too!

My 8yr old is currently awaiting the Gryffindor House sweater she has requested for the fall, so unfortunately i won't have time to test knit the spring sweater... also planning to order your golden vintage cardi pattern now for myself, which is probably an even better excuse for not test knitting child's sweater ;)

Tricia said...

I'd love to test knit for you - I have an 8-yr old. I'd also love an invite for the Ravelry group.


Thea said...

Hey Tricia -- send me some info so I can get back in touch with you -- theacolman@yahoo.com. Thanks! Thea

cassie said...

Hey - Nate's hat is perfect. Tried it out yesterday and fits his little noggin to a 'T'. It's really the only hat that fits him. I have one other but it's not really a warm hat...thanks so much. Hats ARE great!