Tuesday, March 03, 2009

OK, a failed attempt at something new and interesting with the last post. So, I was left to trudge on with the gray stocking stitch. Trudge I did. And now ta da - rewarded. I'm thinking you all might like this a little better. FO's are always good for conversation, right?

It's the aran waistcoat from Rowan Studio. Knit out of Queensland Kathmandu Aran - a deep gray colorway flecked with turquoise, light gray and light blue. Of course the pattern is written for a DK, so I've messed with the math. I also opted for a plain back instead of more cables. And, oh yeah, I made it longer than it was intended. Otherwise, I knit as written.

I love both the yarn and the finished vest. Best thing about the yarn - It's another big bag out of the stash. This came from teaching classes at the Knitting Room a few years back.

Thanks, Jackie :-) I owe you another drink on the deck soon. Perhaps one day there are less than 10 new fucking inches of snow out there... That would be lovely, huh?

But if it was spring, I couldn't get a few weeks wear out of this puppy, so i'll shut up.

AND, lets just take a look at these photos, shall we? The one of my ass right above this paragraph? Not blurry, not dark, not in my kids rooms. Amazing. But no, I didn't get a new camera. Instead I finished the belt on this puppy over at Carol's house this morning, where there's big windows and natural light everywhere.

And yeah, I did wear the unfinished sweater over there so she could see it. (And then to school, girlscout cookie pickup, the Arsenal Mall, a friends', and everywhere else today.) Guess what I'm wearing again tomorrow?

Anyways, I can't believe this isn't on Rav and that I haven't seen more patterns from Rowan 8 knit up yet. They're amazing - I have a few more on my list. These studio books are great - today I was absolutely drooling over #14, which has come out and has more than a few Must Knits in it. The cover knit might be my first, or the long vest, titled Snug. Soon, perhaps for fall.
So now that I'm putting this to bed, I have two hats to finish up and then I can get cracking on my next design project - It's the cardigan for Maya which I'm thinking might just also translate nicely into my size too. Everyone needs a summer cardi - and I have fond memories of my Mommy Daughter wardrobe from the 70s. Not so sure Maya will feel the love on that piece of it. We'll see how it goes.

For now, I've found out that tawny port goes great with Girl Scout Shortbread cookies and it's looking like snack time.


Anonymous said...

This looks fabulous. I think your alterations work because any shorter would have to be a million miles tall to pull it off and cables on the back would have been overkill. Nice Job!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

That looks beautiful on you! Great fit and I love the cables. Looks like a perfect spring cardi :)

Holli said...

Love it, Thea! Looks like a perfect fit. The cables are gorgeous.

PS the security code I'm being told to type in (by blogger) to leave this comment: sadgym -- how funny is that? Sad Gym!? Oh dear!

Hilary said...

What a great sweater! The tweed is absolutely beautiful.

Katie said...

Thanks for the Shalom Cardigan encouragement - I agree, it's perfect for the crazy Boston weather, and that's just what I thought when I saw your sweater today. It's lovely, and worth wearing everyday!

Anonymous said...

Yea, I think I'd be wearing that everyday, too. Fantastic.

Somehow I managed to miss all the Girlscouts this year, and I'd love some Thin Mints...