Thursday, April 09, 2009

Poor little Kingscot, who's been completely habit forming, had to sit around unloved today.
(I love this pattern, I love this pattern, I love this pattern - by the way.)

Instead, it was silver polishing, linen ironing, table setting. For 13! I love this stuff. Simmering on the stove is the monster pot of Matzo Ball Soup, the big Le Creuset of my Grandma Pearl's Sweet and Sour Meatballs and a giant Dutch Oven of a new Sephardic dish - North African Chicken Thighs. Spicy and Cinnamon-y. I've got roasted veggies, sauteed spinach w/ Pine Nuts and Haroset galore.

We're not Super Jewish around here - don't even belong to a temple. But give us a holiday that requires a dinner, and we go to town.

We get out the old awesome vintage stuff. My favorite candlesticks. (One set was a gift from one of my Grandmas to the other before my parents split up. The recipient Grandma didn't want 'em anymore. Funny.) Crystal cocktail glasses for the kids, from my collection. And the good, big wine glasses for us. (If you remember my friend the Wine Fairy, he's a guest. And bringing the wine...)

And the lovely seder plate!

But my favorite part of the table is the china. This stuff belonged to Craig's Great Grandma. The pics aren't as clear as I'd hoped but, hey. The edges are wavy and lined in silver, and the little blue flowers with their silver detail are actual textured drops of paint on the china. Even the linen napkins are the ones they used years back. They are lacy and detailed and really lovely - and they managed not to stain them. Not sure how. Hoping we can hold up our end of the bargain over the years - with kids.

Anyways, a long day of cooking and prepping. Now I'm off to shower, dress and fit in a tiny bit of knitting before everyone arrives in an hour - if I had more time, I'd have retaken the table shots so you could really see the stuff. Next time.


Hilary said...

What a great spread! I hope you had a wonderful time last night.

Holli said...

Hope your seder dinner was great. We hosted a small one for four - and had a lovely time. Joe's parents were in from St. Louis for Passover, which also happened to fall on Joe's birthday.

Anonymous said...

That is an absolutely beautiful table. I'm in awe.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Looks beautiful and sounds delicious! Have a wonderful evening.

Carol said...

Wow! You definitely pulled out all the stops! It looks fantastic.

Emilee said...

The China is so beautiful! How fun to have such elegant family and I are lucky if we can find enough napkins for everyone. Haha
<3 Emilee

Anonymous said...

Some traditions are nice - particularly if you can edit the Haggadah as you go along to keep the Seder to a reasonable length of time.
PS I like the new "look."