Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I finished up the Cheeto Scarf. This was take 4 or 5 on the various fringe ideas. I loved the macrame knot look, but it's a pain in the ass to make all those little knots line up, so, after a few tries...

a more limited, less time consuming version of the knots worked out just fine. One row of Xs.

I also decided to keep it short since long fringe was just a little too much on this particular scarf.

Here's a shot that shows the proportions a little better. It did block out to a nice length, so I'm no longer bitter I only had one skein. I think this will get a bunch of wear - as you can see, it's already out in the world making the rounds.

Here's where it went yesterday.

That would be Paul Revere on the left, and his lesser known buddy William Dawes on the right.

They had just finished their long ride up from Boston, shouting warnings to all the patriots and minutemen on the way. Every year on Patriots Day, the Minutemen and the Redcoats re-enact the ride and the ensuing battles from 1776 in Lexington - a convenient 2 miles up the road from us. The actual re-enactment is at the ungodly hour of dawn, but for those of us who need our coffee and a little time to get going, there's this little rerun (re-ride?) and a parade at 2pm. Fun for everyone.

Here's a little fife and drum for you, in case you live in a state that doesn't have random historical holidays this week and you had to work. I'll spare you the other 50 pics of minutemen and redcoats.

Here's what Zoe wore.

I love when she digs up the old sweaters and wears them again....


Hilary said...

The fringe is perfect. What a great scarf!

Wendy said...

I'm not really a fringe kinda gal, but I like it!

Christopher said...

Hi. Paul Revere never made it to Lexington. He was captured and turned back...twas William Dawes and Samuel Prescott who were successful in their mission. Just sayin'. Oh, and fringe? Not too much with out cocaine, disco, and Studio 54. Am I wrong?

However, Zoe looks adorable in her old sweater. How can she be so freakin' cute?

Miss all 4 you...