Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not only did we buy the fancy water bottles in the upper right hand side so we won't be using plastic this summer, (yay, us...) But I squeezed all the extra grapefruit juice out of my breakfast yesterday morning and stuck it in the fridge till the afternoon.

SO, while I was working on Kingscot below late in the day, I had an awesome Grapefruit Gin and Tonic with yes, it dawned on me... recycled grapefruit juice. Ha. Is recycled the right word there? Reused? Hmm. Either way, it seriously beat the store bought grapefruit juice and I got two meals (meals? well, OK - breakfast and cocktail hour) out of one grapefruit.

But no, this yarn isn't recycled or particularly earth friendly in any way. In fact, it has microfiber in it which might be made out of baby Koala fur or rare soft leaves from an endangered species of tree or something even less PC.

But it is green and so soft - like baby koala fur. It's teal, specifically, so not even exactly green. Unfortunately, I'm running out and looking to get a couple more skeins someplace. It's discontinued and from the stash. But, thanks to Debbie B, it's lovely and soft and a really beautiful color. Maybe it's one of the main reasons I love love love Kingscot, so I'm not too worried about the baby animals as I happily knit it up.

I've always loved Norah G's patterns, but honestly I think this is the first one I've actually cast on for. It's amazingly fun - all the cables on the fronts take a little concentration so it's a little slow going. Given that, I'm also doing a laceweight simple scarf for the playground and TV. However, this is one cool pattern to work on. Can't wait for a few more minutes tonight after everyone's asleep.

Too bad I don't have any more grapefruits for tonight's G&T.
The pears and apples I have left just don't squeeze so well.


Carol said...

Neither re-used or recycled, you just used all of it first before throwing the rind into your compost. Hmmmm, must get you working on a compost bin too! Very proud of the water bottles - think of it as saving money AND the environment. Hope you find those missing skeins as Kingscot is going to be beautiful.

Holli said...

Two "meals" -- oh, Thea you crack me up! The Kingscot is coming along beautifully and congrats on your non-plastic summer water bottles.

Hilary said...

YUM! Gin and tonic with grapefruit...I am so going to try that when I get home tonight. Recycled...hehe.

Yes, that teal Debbie B. is divine! I hope you have enough to finish the Kingscot.

Anonymous said...

Yay for water bottles. Yay for recycling for cocktails. That teal is so beautiful it makes me faint.

Anonymous said...

Oooh! I'm so excited that you're knitting Kingscot! It's next on my queue... I just have to start!