Monday, April 27, 2009

In the time between my last post and this, the green's all popped up around here. It makes me feel like it's been ages, but really it's been like what, a week? But what a week - the weather flipped, the flowers bloomed, and the leaves came out. Woo hoo. We've moved the cocktails from inside to outside, and switched from reds to white.

(Some people switch their closets when the season changes.
Me, I stock up on the seasonal booze. Gin, whites, pinks and lots of tonic.)

There are two projects up here on the table - one's the back of Kingscot, which I'm loving. Working my way up the fronts now, and going to try and score some more Cashmerino in my discontinued colorway if I can. Teal #10. Anyone?

The other is a project I was asked to make - out of old Red Heart. Enough said on that one. I was glad to knit for the recipient, I just wish I could have used a different yarn than the one she wanted! That stuff sucks.

And, as you can see, someone up there likes me. I got my 2 knitting mags just in time for spring break and these deck days. For once, I think I liked VK better than IK in terms of things I'm actually planning to knit. VK had some really cool things which I could imagine actually knitting or wearing. (Planning being the operative word here...) That's a first - usually it's IK hands down.

But hey. This cardigan is from Nashua. It's an ad, but it might be one of my faves. Next to the short sleeved lace number from Kristin Omdahl. which is amazing. You'll be amused to know I'm thinking of it in tweed for fall.

In addition to drinks on the deck, there were a few days out. Park, beach, etc.

Sure sign of spring here. We had creamsicles and picnicked in the park this day - Craig brought Kadima. I brought my VK. But, yes I played Kadima too.

Visits from old friends - there's 5 kids here if you count. It's ungodly early in the AM. I took this while making coffee. Lots of coffee.

Below, Zoe at Gore Place for a little local sheep shearing festival.
She's very proud of her little magic marker sheep family with the puff ball roving bodies.
Look close and you'll see her name above her specific sheeps.

It was a little hot there - and way crowded, but we all had fun. Well, most of us. There may have been some issues as the day wore on and the lines got to the kids. It was way crowded.

I'm hoping to get to the NH Festival in a few weeks, but am now short some company. Not sure who I'll rope in yet. Not the 5 kids who went to Gore. And due to unforseen crap, not my family any more.

anyone else going?


yoel said...

Hey watch it lady! Gin + tonics are all-season beverages, just extra-tasty during the warm seasons.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Some of my favorite patterns are in the ads.

Haven't gotten my VK so I'll have to keep an eye out for it.

Carol said...

We went to Gore too! Left at noon when it got too hot and crowded though. Sorry I can't make the festival. Probably good to keep me away from yarn though...

Holli said...

I had planned on going to Gore this weekend, but after really looking over the program, decided without kids it might not be as cool as I'd hoped (and having grown up just down the road from a sheep farm, I've certainly seen both hand and electric sheering OVER and OVER).

Glad you had fun -- five kids and all!!

Kathleen said...

Went to Gore Place, too, and enjoyed the shearing and the dogs. Bought some pretty lace yarn from traveling rhinos. It was hot, though, and the little ones wore out pretty quickly.

Deborah said...

I went to Gore Place too! We went in early and left at about noon, like Carol, when the crowds got too big and the weather too hot. I'd like to go to NH but have not firmed anything up yet.

Anonymous said...

Her sheep are so cute! (she's cuter, though).

I had let my Vogue sub. lapse, maybe I'll pick a copy up and see about re-upping.

Yum, summer drinks...

Patty said...

I may be at NHSW - you'll have to keep your eyes opened for a hopefully completed violet colored GVC!

Anonymous said...

That Nashua sweater is really nice--we have a sample in my LYS. I'm impressed with all of their recent booklets--suck pretty, wearable things.