Thursday, April 02, 2009

I think I'm feeling a touch of the seasonal change we knitters go through as the cold weather leaves us. I find it always makes me fidgety - I have a hundred plans, none of which seem to satisfy my fingers. (As illustrated so perfectly by my scattered deck of Cocktail Cards, yes? Can you believe I've had these since last summer and had forgotten to share them here?)

Anyways, in the past 48 hours,

- I've begun and frogged two scarves 10 times. Summery ones. Simple lace ideas.
- I've reworked my blog countless ways and ended up with this for now...
- I've got three new batches of yarn to work with. (I'm officially declaring my stash knit down to where I wanted it. Mission Accomplished. I can acquire again.)
- I have drawings for three new designs. I like them.
- I printed out a slouchy hat I want to make and selected a skein for it.
- I picked up my pattern and yarn bags for Kingscot and Coraline to decide which to begin and got no farther than that.

And, I also have a huge desire to go up to the third floor room where my yarn lives and take inventory of what I've got, but I'm afraid if I do that, I'll have to erase the bit about the stash being back under control. And we can't have that. No.

So, it sounds like time for the cocktails portion of the blog. I picked a card, can't decide - this one's a Havana Cocktail. Rum, A shot of lemon, and a touch of pineapple juice.

Do you know how much I love my cards?? Craig picked them up last summer on Route 6 or maybe it was 28 - in one of the Cape Crap Stores - you know the ones with the giant floaties on the roof and piles of chairs on the front lawn. Yep, one of those. We looove those.

(Anyone who goes to Cape Cod knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about here).

BUT, I digress.
I also managed a few things that needed to be done.

1. The larger sizes on the Golden Vintage Cardigan are all out and being test knit. We've traded emails and it's looking good so far. I'm hoping to be able to post the pattern for sale in three new sizes sometime later this month. The new sizes are 40/42, 44/46, and a 48/50.

2. The pattern for Maya's Lace and Cables Cardigan is also out and being test knit. No issues yet there either. I'm hoping to post that one also later this month.

3. I am sooooo close to being done writing up the Adult Version of the lace cardi, which I'm going to name Nantucket Red, because the color of the yarn is the same exact faded red that perfect summer pants on Old Nantucket (before the trendy and fancy arrived) used to be. I have a test knitter lined up for that one, and would be happy for another (hint?) if you want.

And I realize it's time to move on from this particular style of cardigan -lovely as they are - I promise the new drawings are very different from these :-)

Now, to drink my drink and get back to those poor summer scarves. The stichonary is right on the table here next to the cards.


Batty said...

It's almost like spring ADHD, and I get it too... the sun comes out, I'm restless, I want to do so many different things, I can't stop doing things, I can't stop long enough to get anything done... I think it's normal.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I love the new blog look. I also love your banner in your headline!

I also like Batty's spring ADHD analogy! That explains the restlessness I have and the fact I can't accomplish much of anything but have a long list in my head of things I want to do.

Carol said...

I like this blog look. It's a keeper. I'm so going through the same thing with my knitting.

Holli said...

Blog layout looks good, Thea -- I love the new header.

Thea said...

Thanks guys! I'm digging it much more myself. wish I could stretch that top image though. Won't work :-(

gabriella said...

Thea! Long time no chat - my fault, of course. I love the new blog layout! Very snappy. Sounds like things are going well - is it warming up back in Bosstown finally? Things are great out here - California is lovely as ever, I'm six weeks from my masters degree, and I'm in loooove just in time for spring (with a SoCal boy no less - uh oh!). Pretty rad. Anyway - please pass on a little Cali sunshine to the lovely knitsmiths for me - I still do miss you guys every time I take a knit break. :) Hope everyone's doing well!