Saturday, April 04, 2009

I don't know about the men in your lives, but this isn't gardening wear around my house. What's up with the 1950/1960s Sweater Man? He does all his everyday activities wearing a tie, collar shirt, pleated wool pants and a sweater. And he's usually diagonal, always slicked back, and smiling in that Troy McClure way. I can even imagine his voice (can't you?)

Fixing the car, playing tennis, or smoking a pipe. And in this shot, he brings the pipe along to ice skate. Because, really, what's a little exercise without a smoke? By the way, I think this guy is 12. Shouldn't his parents take the pipe away?

Makes you go hmmm. I'm loving all these books. Wait till you see the 70s ones. Just how many knitted items you can wear all at once - hat, vest, skirt and belt. Layer 'em up.

But they're awesome. And some of the patterns are even possibilities. We'll see. I picked them all up today because I was going through the New Yarn I've acquired in the past month or so for ideas. Since it's still cold, I can think about Fall, can't I?

1. Jaeger Chamonix - soft and bulky - about 900 yds in a deep brownish rose.
2. Debbie Bliss Merino Aran in chocolate - about 1000 yds.
3. Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Aran - taupe. About 900 yds. This one's boingy.

I'm thinking the cabley number from a few posts back out of the chocolate, and hopefully Fireside out of the taupe. Perhaps Shalom in the Chamonix? I failed to remember that vintage knitters did not use either bulky or aran, but hey.

And I'm thinking about this. A little stashbuster.

Is it too much? A pillbox hat? I think she's just so cool looking that I'm sucked in and ignoring the fact I'll look ridiculous in this. She's sooooo Tippi Hedren/Alfred Hitchcock, I expect to see birds in the background.

Anyways, I'm done for now. Picked up that yarn you see in the new banner pic and have finally decided on a summer scarf. i've managed about 6" so far, so I'm guessing this one's a keeper. I'll share it soon.


Carol said...

1. The guys in the first photo aren't gardening. That's what they told their wives. They're so going behind the garden shed for some closeted hanky-panky.
2. Step away from the pillbox hat. Yes, it's too much. I say this because I'm your friend.
3. Show the scarf!

yoel said...

If you're going to make the cute pillbox hat, you'll also need to go whole-hog and wear it at home whilst gardening and smoking a pipe. All or nothing!

Batty said...

If you're going to wear the pillbox hat and pearls into the garden, please post pictures. But be aware that those guys are just faking it... they have a keg of beer buried behind the petunias and are going to dig it up while their wives are busy inside preparing the jello salad for their dinner party.

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Melissa said...

Glad the yarn arrived! I want to see the scarf too....

Deborah said...

The pillbox hat reminds me of Sundays and church, it's missing the veil though. I don't see people in a lot of hats anymore, unless they are baseball or cowboy hats. I agree with Carol about the guys.