Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It was a good, long weekend out here. I figure it's our reward for sucking it up through the New England Spring.

So, we spent a summery day in the city with friends. This is the newly completed Greenway in downtown Boston. It used to be an ugly elevated highway. Then it was an ugly ever-changing construction site. And now it's gorgeous.

Now, it's a big long series of parks right near the waterfront. Each block is different - with paths or fountains or rocks or sculptures to walk on. Different trees or gardens or benches too. It's fun to see how it changes with each part.

And it runs right past the Aquarium - where you can visit the seals outside for free. (If your parents are too cheap to go inside)

It also goes right past the Barking Crab, where you can get two pitchers with lunch. Two pitchers of Hefeweisen with lemons. And you sit on picnic tables eating fried seafood on the patio. That would be my friend Peter walking behind the girls. It was his first time there and I'm thinking he liked it.

We also were invited to barbeque on the water with some other friends at their new beach house. Of course, they forecasted thunderstorms - which arrived just in time. So much for the beach part of the day. But honestly, a torrential downpour from a beach house is pretty cool - and look what we got to see afterwards --- I never get to see a whole rainbow, end to end. Kind of amazing.

and yes, this IS the view from inside the house of the marsh leading to the ocean.
Also kind of amazing.

I did bring my teacher gift mitts and worked on them while we sat on the porch with our cocktails, but they all look pretty stupid right now without their thumbs, so I'll thumb them up later today and maybe, just maybe I'll have knitting to share again soon.


Holli said...

What an awesome weekend! Barking Crab, the Greenway, AND friends with a beach house! It doesn't get much better than that...does it? Except maybe a perfect rainbow to top it all off.

Very cool!

Carol said...

The Greenway is great. G would be so jealous of seeing that rainbow!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

What a lovely weekend! A beach house.....that would be great.

Hilary said...

How fun! The Barking Crab sounds awesome (and made my stomach grumble). Did you have any favorite seafood places when you were in SF?

Anonymous said...

Looking at your pictures, I got a tinge of excitement over coming to Boston- mostly I've been nervous about how emotional it might be.Then, a little sadness knowing my brother would have loved the Greenway. Looks beautiful.

One teacher scarf to go- need to give it tomorrow...