Friday, May 08, 2009

I was all ready to tell you about the crazy beer cocktail we made for our, not so much 5 but, 7 de Mayo dinner last night, but while the enchiladas were cooking, we realized a few things about the drink recipe article I'd pulled from the Wall Street Journal and the drink never materialized.

Now I knew the Michelada sounded a little scary - it's described as a "quirky quaff" with an "odd and off putting assemblage of ingredients", and the reporter admitted it's not exactly spreading like wildfire in the States, but I figured after a couple of beers, it might seem like a good idea, right? Conversation starter, challenge, whatever.

Here it is.


12 oz beer

1 oz fresh lime juice

2 dashes Worcestershire sauce

2 dashes Mexican hot sauce (e.g., Cholula)

Combine ingredients over ice in a salt-rimmed highball glass and stir. Avoid watering down the beer with too much ice or small cubes that melt quickly. Most Michelada fans make the drink with either a blond Mexican beer or a darker one such as Negra Modelo. I prefer the drink with Shiner Bock from Texas.

You can see from the substitute drink photo below, we didn't make them. Cause if we did, I'd have made Christopher pose for a photo with his.

(Free PR! He has a cool radio show here in Boston on Thursday AMs)

Anyways, I'm not sure exactly how it came to be that we didn't. But instead, we read on and realized two important things that may have led to the decision to shine on them.

1. A lot of people think this drink sucks - including the reporter.

2. I only had cajun hot sauce. That's taking something questionable and making it worse.

In retrospect, those two things shouldn't have stopped us. But whatever, they did. Maybe it was the arrival of Craig or the kids or the finishing up of the dinner. Instead, we used the Juice O Matic and put lime juice in our Dos Eques and had a great dinner. But the idea of these was too good not to share, and I still plan on getting some Mexican hot sauce and trying them another time. If you're game C and S?

The pic above is of a whole different drink I'd photographed earlier in the week. It did not suck, in fact it was so good, we went out and bought mint plants and are now growing our own supply on the patio for future drinks. It's sort of a Caprihina.

Better than a Michelada

Fresh squeezed lime juice

Muddled mint leaves



Like a Mojito but without the rum. I'm thinking so far, we've gotten our $4 out of the juicer.


In knitting news, I am not done with this.

So I will be in New Hampshire tomorrow wearing this.

Come say hi! I've never been anywhere to meet fellow bloggers and hope to see some of you in person tomorrow....


Sarah Jackson said...

Your drink is one of our staples from July - November, while our lemon tree thinks it's a lime tree. I planted a bunch of mint this year just for that! mmm....

Hilary said...

Your whole description of the Michelada cracked me up! This was my favorite part: "That's taking something questionable and making it worse." HAHAHA!!

The substitute drink looks delish!

Carol said...

Not game for any cocktail involving beer. Mojitos are a big yes though (I've heard that cachaca is actually Brazilian rum so this is a mojito).

Anonymous said...

Have fun!

yoel said...

Good choice on not making the beer cocktail! The mint drink sounds lovely for warm weather!