Sunday, May 03, 2009

Check this out! Just in time for summer, we found this puppy at a Rummage Sale yesterday. 4 bucks. It's awesome. Like a 1950s studebaker, but with serious possibilities.

I'm not so sure it's going to be a bargain in the long run, since we had to walk over to the farm stand and drop $20 on juicable fruits when we got home.

However, once we started the cocktails, it was all worth it. Can you see how cloudy these are? All the good stuff floating around in there made the best gin and tonics ever. We used the fresh lime and orange juice, and unfortunately finished up the gin by sundown.

The girls mixed their OJ and lime squeezes with pineapple juice.

Tomorrow I'm thinking something with rum, lemon and sugar.

In the meantime, the nice weather means my knitting's taken a little hit. Only some progress here in the photo below, since we've been gardening and walking and outside - I'm too afraid to take my Cashmerino on the road, knowing how it's a little fragile.

But I've got some big plans, and am still loving Kingscot. I have a few more cabled ambitions in the wings - including Fireside, about which I'm becoming pretty obsessed, and the tied cabled number I want to create before fall. First, a little more work on Kingscot, but it's been so fun, I'm almost bummed to be going up the second side already. Lucky for me, I have a bunch of aran just waiting to be cabled.

On the other side of the spectrum is my new obsession -- I'm falling in love with the idea of lace. Big lace wraps in repeating patterns. My old friend Gabriella has some beautiful designs that have been popping around in my psyche for a few years - Rosa, Catalina and the one at the bottom with the little flowers are my faves.

And, recently I am loving almost all of Ann Hanson's rectangle creations. This started up again, in fact, because of her design in Twist this past fall, for which I even bought yarn (albiet in the wrong color - I realized THAT a day too late. I should have held out for the brown. But we had drinks, champagne even -and they'd made snacks - of which I'd eaten way more than my polite share - especially of the powder sugar dusted thingys -- and it was the Twist trunk show, and the store didn't have brown, and the shop owners were just so nice, and I was there with some heavy enablers... how could I leave with a thanks and no bag?? So I got purple. And that's just wrong for that wrap. I mean, gnarled oakwoods, for chrissake -- oakwoods. Not in purple.)

But now Anne just came up with a new thing called Trevi. And Trevi might just look good in a hazy purple. More airy, less nature-y.

SO, in anticipation of this big batch of lace knitting which may or may not ever materialize - as fun as it is to plan, I decided to see if I even have the patience to knit with fingering yarns -- on a small scale. I've had this light blue kicking around in my stash for a bit, so I've cast on.

It's so soft and beautiful - a laceweight alpaca. So far, I find I may have the chops for it. I think I'll need a more involving repeat than the K2tog, YO I began with here, but if this makes me want more complicated patterns, then the whole plan could work.

Perhaps I'll be coming home from NH Sheep and Wool with a batch of deep gray laceweight.
At least that's what I'm thinking right now.


yoel said...

Fresh juice is so tasty, but expensive! I went nuts with a juicer I got as a wedding gift, and came to the conclusion that apple and grape juice is way too expensive to make, orange is just barely worth it, but carrot is so tasty and economical! Must shake with ice in shaker though, so it's not too "carroty." Carrot juice + mandarin flavored vodka = yum!

Carol said...

I stand by the fact that the purple would be just as pretty.

One of the Enablers

Hilary said...

I've been thinking a lot about lace too lately. Wonder if it's the warmer weather?

Batty said...

It looks cool, too. Even if you never made juice with it, it would look great in your kitchen.
Now I have a hankering for fresh orange juice.

Patty said...

I'd like to say I'm jealous of the juicer but in fact I'm more envious of the statement "walk over to the farmstand". Now that's living.

Anonymous said...

Purple is never wrong.

Ohhh, I've been thinking about a juicer- though hadn't thought of it in gin & tonic terms, yet. Hmmm.