Friday, May 15, 2009

But not exactly there. My dining room table is finally clear after three days of computer, measuring tape, papers and Nantucket Red. 5 patterns are out there in the wild being knit, and the comments from the original test knitter are back and incorporated.

So stay tuned and I'll be putting that puppy up on Ravelry just as soon as I can!

Also so so so so close, but not there is Kingscot.

I cannot tell you how much I love this sweater. I want an entire stash of DB Cashmerino. Although that opinion might just change once this baby begins to pill. ...

A neckline to finish up and buttons to pick. I have a new batch coming from Ebay, so I'm waiting for those before I make any rash decisions. Another tin full of someone's lifetime sewing stash, which I love. For $10. It pays to do the midnight auction, while the other bidders snooze. :-)

I also have a second sleeve cap to do and attach, but I've photographed so cleverly you didn't know that by looking, did you? Well, maybe you can, so hey.

I find that doing one complete sleeve first and finishing up an entire side before doing the second cap saves me the agony when they don't fit. Luckily this one did. Sleeve caps are my downfall -- both in pattern writing and in knitting. They just don't like me - even when the math is perfect, or I've followed a pattern exactly, the sleeve cap just doesn't always cooperate. Happens often.

But I've adapted (Like the Borg...).

Anyways, after sleeves and before our dinner plans, we're looking at a couple of these. Too tired to decide on our own, we pulled a card from the deck. Handy.

Havana Cocktail

.75 oz rum
dash lemon juice (in the Juice O matic)
1.25 oz pineapple juice

I might add something to tone down the pineapple. We'll see.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Clinton Kelley from TLC's What Not To Wear, so tune back in later this weekend. I'm thinking of wearing my most flattering summer knit - Josephine - on the off chance I get to tell him I KNIT MY OWN SWEATERS. And they don't all belong in the can.

Just to show him some handknits are worth keeping. If it was winter, I'd have knit up Shalom for the occasion, since Stacy has the exact sweater.


Hilary said...

Great! Someone needs to tell the WNTW folks that handknits are not all bad. And wowza, Kingscot is going to be fab.

Anonymous said...

Yum- drink sounds great. Kingscot looks fantastic- can't wait to see your buttons- going through button collections could keep me happy all day.

Nantucket Cranberry will go on the needles Sunday, but I may get it up on Ravelry this afternoon. Haven't decided on closure yet...

Carol said...

Love the sound of that pineapple cocktail. Maybe have some of those when Mindy hits town?
I truly hope they do pick you out of the crowd. I'm so tired of them ripping on handknits.

Nell said...

On a side note, your dining room is gorgeous. I love the star chandelier