Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I do -- I teared up when I saw it at the library today. Sap. But a selective (self involved, perhaps?) sap. No, I didn't cry at Zoe's sing along graduation from nursery school yesterday, but show me an old book I loved from my own little childhood and waaah.

Whatever. By next week, they'll love it just as much.
Anyways if you didn't grow up in the 70s and therefore may already have your kids making Flibbers and Screechers and the orange with the cloves in it named Sweet Pete, then you just think I'm nuts. But, you should totally give this a look.

It took about 5 minutes to make our Flibbers.

Which is (only) a little less time than I spent adding some vintage buttons to these puppies.

Just before wrapping them up for giving, I decided they were a bit plain, so I trotted up to the attic and went through my button stash for a little bling.

And ta da.

Some mother of pearl buttons with a little silver bead in the center - and leftover cream tweed stars for them to live on. The teacher loved them.

The other knitting, I can't show just yet. Many more brown cables...


neverenoughthyme said...

Adorable! I would have cried at the singing. I always felt like such a fool, but those little voices got me every time!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Love the color of those mitts and the buttons are great. You have been on a mitt streak!

Carol said...

Yeah, I don't cry much either. I have never heard of that book or the items you mentioned. My parents made me play with rocks and twigs. Think that has something to do with the former item?

Kym said...

I love to stumble across books from my childhood, too! (Only mine are a bit . . . older . . . than yours!) Love the embellishment on the mitts. Perfect!

yoel said...

Love the starburt on the mittens!

What is a flibber? A cleaning tool?

Hilary said...

Ok, that is just too cute. I want a flibber! I love the mitts, too. The button and cream-colored star are such a nice touch!