Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm all done with brown cables as of this afternoon - am going to do a few small cables on the wrists and still have to do sleeves and a collar, but anything requiring a chart or any complicated thought was all done, so a drink was in order.

In an effort to use what's ready in the kitchen that has no home, I made what was basically a batch of Kitchen Sink Sangria. Two half drank bottles of red that were hanging around on the counter, a half gone Sprite, some seltzer, ginger ale, lime juice and the tired fruits with the bruises in the basket.

You can do this too - waste not, want not, right?

The leftover wine and fruit are cut up and combined and get to sit in the fridge for a few hours. Add any fizzy ingredients you have lying around and taste for what's needed. Too sweet? Add lime juice or lemon. Not sweet enough? A little apple or other juice. Pretty foolproof. It's always pretty good - and perfect for a summer afternoon.

But it was not good enough for the man. He came home with a jones for a Margarita, and honestly never even tasted it. First, he made Maya one with no booze. I'm pretty sure it's Limeade, ice and OJ. Here she is with her drink - I liked this shot - he's on the grill in back and she's cracking up.

I think it has something to do with the fart silly putty Zoe has not stopped playing with since it came home from some party a few days ago. It farts pretty loud - and she's a pro at sneaking around with it to surprise people. Way fun.

Don't you wish your kids had some?

Anyways, C. then decides to make himself an extra special margarita - some secret version. And my poor sangria is shelved for another day. See that on top? It's mint from the garden. He made a Lime - MINT margarita. With Cointreau and OJ in it. It's amazing.

I knew there was a reason I married this man.

Someone's getting lucky tonight. If I can wrangle that recipe outta him, I'll share it.


savannahchik said...

i followed your comment from elevenstitches' kristy's blog. your husband's lime-mint margarita sounds great (i love mint drinks in the summer - even this year's faux northeast summer), but i have to say i'm still a sangria girl in my heart.

i found a recipe a few years ago made with spiced rum and i use that a lot in my sangria now. we never make ours fizzy though - so i'm going to try that next time. i love mixing fizzy with crystal light so i think this will be a hit! thanks for sharing.

Autumnafternoon... said...

Yum! The lime-mint margarita sounds good. But your sangria looked delicious too!

yoel said...

Both drinks look amazing! Oh, tough decisions...

Hilary said...

YUM to both the sangria and the lime-mint margarita!! And what an adorable picture of your daughter - she looks so happy!

Kym said...

Mmmmm. Keeping my fingers crossed for a recipe. . . because margaritas are my The Best! My son had some of the fart-silly-putty stuff when he was a little boy. Great stuff. Now he's moved on to the battery-operated remote fart machine. Even MORE fun.

Debi1 said...

Your hubby may make an amazing looking drink, but mine has the ifart app on his iphone! High tech! You must drag that recipe out of him. Also the brown cables look beautiful. Can't wait to see that finished product!