Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Murphy's Law - and a lack of a real live technical editor, perhaps - but I really should have caught my half saved edits on this poor shoulder, so apologies all around.

The PDF has been changed, but if any of you have an early version, you may scratch your head as you reach the shoulder decrease on the top of the back piece on your N. Red.

Making some last minute edits to the left shoulder, it seems I pressed "save" a bit too early and gave all of you TWO row 3s, and a few resulting wonky directions. They're easy to fix, and a few of you have already knit right past them without comment, so they won't give you a 3rd arm or anything, but the pattern should make sense the revs. are simple to explain here.


1. There's only one Row 3. Make the second one into Row 4 and go from there with the numbers. You have 7 total rows, not 6. Evens are WS, Odds are RS.

2. This means you repeat rows 6&7, not rows 5&6.

4. On Row 5 (which is now Row 6), you purl to the last 3, not the last 4.

3. Row 6 (which is now Row 7) is a knit row.

Again, sorry, sorry, sorry. Still getting my sea legs on these things.


Anonymous said...

I'm not making Nantucket Red yet, but I am currently enjoying making Golden Vintage.

Just wanted you to know that I appreciate the quick pattern fix and it seems to me that it's perfectly OK to have a small amount of pattern errata, especially when you catch it so quickly.
Tamara (Tamaram on Ravelry)

Anonymous said...

Oh man!!! I simply adore Nantucket Red and already, quite a few places have sold out of the Tomato color Classic Silk. NONE other will do for me! Thanks so much for the quick corrections to make my life easier when I CAN find the yarn.