Friday, June 12, 2009

I really didn't think this was going to be my first FO of the summer, but that tells you something about the weather this week. It's been awesome to curl up on the sofa with yarn and cables these past few days. It's so dark and cloudy, I can't take a good photo, but these at least give you an idea of the thing and mean I can put it away in the sweater bag after I post about it.

This pic shows you my modified fit. I haven't blocked it yet, so am guessing I can get another inch or so in length if I want, and a little more ease. But I kind of like the way it fits right now.
(Maya's mirror needs a little cleaning, huh? Not sure what the hell that stuff is actually. Did she spit on it? Or toss milk? methinks she gets Windex when she returns from school today)

I loved the design when I first saw it, and have been waiting for the perfect yarn to knit it in. Lucky for me, this Chamonix was literally dropped in my lap (or bag) by Carol, who had begun a vest in it and decided to bail.

The pattern is only written in an XS and is made a lot smaller than my body calls for,with a snug button at the bust, and a very short midsection. It's knit top down, kind of, so this makes for an easy mod to the fit. You start with the shoulders and then knit the neckline - this allowed me to check as I went and I could lengthen the top section to just under where my boobs droop to these days.

Then when I picked up for the bottom, I added stitches all around to make it less snug. You pick up just below the last set of horizontal lines, so you can easily just add a couple here and there.

Adding the new stitches meant playing with the cables a little and adding new ones, but the original pattern gave me a good starting point for how these guys might work out. At the bottom, you also add a whole new set of smaller cables and ribs. They line up nicely along the back, don't they?

This little ribbing also added a kind of flare at the bottom, which is great for hiding the muffintop.

Below you can see the other bit of ribbing I added under the arms, also helpful for muffinlike body part hiding. It was easier than figuring out more cables, and it allowed me to continue two knit stitches along the armholes so I can make nice looking sleeves when I want, without picking up off the cables. The existing cable kind of creates a little cap, but I'm not sure if a short sleeve would be better. I think it might.

Sorry some of the pics are fuzzy - that's what I get on a cloudy day.
I should also pull my jeans up, huh? That's not so pretty.

For now I think I'm going to pack this away. A sleeve decision can be made in the fall and the button added along the bust. I have enough yarn to add either actual short sleeves or caps, but am not sure which to go with, or if they should be ribbed, cabled, or plain. (suggestions??)

And I'm dying to get moving on the dark brown cabled project I've been working on the math for. Since it's raining again today, I think I'll get pretty far -- I've already done some charts and begun a front side, so I'm ready to go.


Hilary said...

I can't believe I'm saying this since I am currently obsessed with short sleeved sweaters, but I kind of like it just as a vest! It really looks great, and those cables are all warm and squishy looking. But if you were to do sleeves, I think ribbed ones would be nice.

Deb said...

Totally agree with the vest look! And um - about the droopy boobs and muffin top? In your dreams sister!

Holli said...

What a cool piece! I cast my vote on the side of both Hilary and Deb -- it makes a really fabulous vest.

Carol said...

Did I give you the other balls of yarn I found? If not, you can have them for your sleeves! Looks great as is though.

yoel said...

Love it! I like it as a vest.

Batty said...

Looks great, with or without sleeves. I'd wear it as a vest too.
The weather really has been dark and dreary, not at all June-like. Ick.

Debi1 said...

I love it, I haven't been much of a vest/short sleeved winter sweater person, but this sweater is inspiring me!! I like the sleeves like funybunygrl's project in Ravelry. More showers predicted today (Monday) ugh!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Looks great! Love it as a vest but sleeves would probably look great too!

shanalines said...

i've been amused by your blog for a bit, and this is my first comment: vest it!

Anonymous said...

Very nice- think it looks perfect as a vest, too.