Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm not the only one churning out the FO's in our house these days. Everyone is hard at work. I don't know if I mentioned Maya and her buddy Molly's little business on my blog yet (and I'm way too lazy to go back and check) so let's just say I did.

Molly lives next door. She and Maya together are a commercial force to be reckoned with - and since Molly's parents have the same "less is more" approach to kid activities, let's just say the girls are together a lot. And the ideas never stop coming. They've written mission statements, price lists, and business plans for these ideas. And they cook up one scheme after another. Amazingly one stuck late this spring.

This operation here is part of "Skipping Hearts". TM (ha)

Molly and Maya have spent hours beading jewelry and sewing small quilted projects for stuffed animals, like sleeping bags and pillows. It's awesome. For now, the sewing machine is in the attic and it's hotter than hell up there, so the beading (aka portable) portion of the project has been going strong down here ever since we returned from Denmark.

So here's my new bracelet. Double wrap, small beads in rainbow colors. $6. I pretty much love it and would have paid more for the same in a real store.

I don't get a family discount, but since I also got a matching necklace, I've been offered 25% off my next purchase. Company policy. (again with the Ha) So, I have another small bead bracelet coming in blues and browns.

I figure I'll be able to afford it once I publish this puppy and you all run to knit one.

Almost there. (I know the photo is fuzzy, I'm being secretive.)

And look, my flowers are still happy and alive. The neighbors came home this morning, but I bought my own white hydrangea over the weekend - it was $20 at Lowes and it's huge, so I couldn't resist! I wish they had the darker colored - kind of rosey green - ones, but they didn't.

Now that they are home, I may have to sneak over at 2am if I want to get those again...

Nose back on the grindstone though.

I have knitting to do. And I have to finish up the pattern on the Green Apple Mitts and get it up this week. Am hoping today is my knitting designated work day for the week. Skipping Hearts is going to be in full swing on the floor, Zoe is at a friend's, and the weather isn't looking too promising. Perfect day for some work.


Kym said...

What busy business women! It bodes well for our future, don't you think? You've set a great example!

Carol said...

Can't wait to see those two in 20 years. Fab stuff. Will have to check out their selection later.
Try putting pine needles or old rhodo leaves under your hydrangea to add acid to the soil. Might help change the color.

Discoknits said...

So where can we support these budding entrepreneurs? Will we be seeing them in an Etsy store near us soon :0)

yoel said...

Those young ladies are too wonderful! I hope you offer their products some blog time to increase their customer base. Maybe you will get a better discount, but should wait until the board members' meeting to bring that up :)

Hilary said...

What entrepreneurial spirit! I'm impressed! And their handiwork is lovely.