Monday, August 17, 2009

the only kind of project I want to be knitting is something small.

It might be a better idea to have a big, but very lightweight thing to work on at the beach, so I could casually drape it over my thighs or my gut and work it as a gorgeous cover up, but when it hits 90, I just can't give a shit.

So I've been working on these mitts when I'm on the sand - and any sweaty and cottage cheesy body parts just go on display, without the benefit of a nifty body covering hobby. These can only cover about 2 square inches max of skin at any given time, and they're wooly, so that might be a good thing.

Yesterday I fully tempted the knitting gods by working on them while sitting in a beach chair in the water. Around small children. And you know, they must have taken pity, since it worked out just fine. No dropped yarn and no crazy splashing incidents to report. My guess is that there are so few 90 degree knitters, those gods must work hard to protect and be kind to the few brave souls they get. Smart gods.

I'm using Arcaunia Nature Wool leftover from my Sunrise Circle (thanks long ago to Amber!), since the apple green is just too cool and fabulous to let stash away and die.

I'm kind of revising the Blueberry Mitts I made and gave away as a gift. I liked them, but this yarn could take a little more definition. I'm using the gull cable pattern, but I wanted it to be a little more open between repeats, and I really like the bell ribbing at the end, so I'm making that longer and more apparent too.

On the second mitt, I'm playing with a little pattern in the cables - short ones, long ones --we'll see if I keep or decide to match mitt 1, modeled below. Mitt #1 is all cables of the same proportion from wrist to fingers. It's pretty, but I got a little bored.

So. These are super easy - and would match almost any kind of jacket, so I'm thinking they could just catch on. (ie. at least one of you may actually knit them.) I may add a fun button detail around the wrist too. A loop or a band - or a flap...

Anyways, stay tuned, because no matter what I decide, it will only take a day or two to get through it and then I'll retype the current pattern to post.

And it'll be free.

Woo hoo. Almost Fall Present for you.

On the cocktail front, a little present too.

My sister was here for a week and one night, while making dinner, she informed me that if I planned to keep up this blog persona I've been milking for how may years now, I should be prepared to supply guests with amazing cocktails when they visit. Seems she had just come from Maine and there may be some expectations up there in the Jordan camp in terms of my skills.

I figured she was right, yes I owe my public - all 12 of you - and got off my lazy ass to whip something up. You know, it was pretty tasty. Even my Mom had some, and she's usually the white wine lady. Or Diet Tonic.

(People, don't ruin cocktails with diet mixers. I digress, but this is important. Pass on the cheese and crackers and use the real stuff. Very important.)

Anyways, this is for a pitcher's worth - I tried to break it up for a drink portion

Kentucky Burbon (I used Jim Beam) - maybe 2.5" - about 2 oz per drink
Cointreau - a 3 count shot (.5 oz per drink)
Ginger Ale - one liter - 6 oz in a glass
Lime - squeeze three - or a half per drink

Add seltzer or club soda to your taste - the ginger ale and cointreau mix can be sweet. I probably put in another inch at the end. Add many ice cubes and mix. It was a great pre dinner drink on a hot night.

My other current drink for the hot weather is a shandy.

2 parts beer (a light or wheat works best)
1 part lemonade
1 squeezed lime

I can't take credit for that one, but it does hit the spot on a humid summer day!

Anyways, time to get back to school supplies - so we can get to the beach again after lunch!


Patty said...

Oh I understand the effort put forth to hide those cottage cheesy parts. It's worth it for the cocktails though. And the cheese and crackers!

shanalines said...

your writing style cracks me up-- i love it. i feel like we'd get along great :)

Deb said...

My sister just brought kids. Yours sounds better!

Kym said...

Beer and lemonade. Mmmmmmm. So refreshing on a hot day! Love it.

jeandavee said...

So that's what a shandy is. I was in a bar over the weekend; and saw a sign that said "Its shandy season!" No way was I asking what a shandy was. Now I know. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

make that 13 readers, I've been reading for awhile now, first time sending you a message. thanks for sharing. looking forward to seeing more!

Hilary said...

Haha...the gods of the 90-degree-knitters were totally looking out for you. :) I would have dropped the project in the water immediately! The mitts look great...very pretty and very warm. And the cocktail - yum! Sounds so refreshing.