Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Which proves it's time to get back into regular life, but before I do, I'll share just a couple of the 700 pics from Denmark.

These are some pretty buildings in the city. It's a district called Nyhavn, where cafes line the canal, and tourist take lots of pics like this one.

This was our home away from home.

And this was my drink away from home.

Here's some of the amazing half timber houses in the country.

And one of the gorgeous castles we explored. This one had a dress up room where the kids could try on costumes that exactly matched outfits in old royal paintings. How cool is that?

Those costumes weighed a few pounds.

And really, the best thing of all about Denmark - our cousins. We have one for each of my girls. They're on a ride in an amusement park here and I love how each of mine is turned towards their buddy.

Lastly, here's the and the one and only time I tried to make a cocktail. Pathetic.

If you're wondering what the green and pink shit on top is, remember they don't have ice cubes. Those are novelty elephant cubes which look a little like slugs. Embarrassing, huh?

It was supposed to be a simple gin and tonic, but after two entire days looking out for tonic,

I found this stuff, which explains the drink color. It's a blueberry flavored fizzy water - and it ain't cheap. My cousin swore there was tonic in Denmark, but I think they keep it for the nationals. If a foreigner comes near, they edge a six pack closer to them with their toes.

I took the hint and went back to the beer.

As for the knitting, these two days really were the first time in ages that I had any enthusiasm for it. I was on my way to the beach when I remembered I had an easy pattern all written up that just needs a knit through before I can post it.

It's for DK weight mitts, so I may even have the timing right on this pattern for you guys to do a little knitting. Since it's Small Fall Knitting. Small Free Fall Knitting, in fact...

So stay tuned, as I should be able to finish up this puppy and post it by next week.


Christopher said...

For next time, dear:


janna said...

A blueberry gin and tonic? I can't imagine it.... Great pictures, though!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Hilary said...

Every photo I have seen of a Scandinavian country looks like it came straight from a fairy tale. Look at those houses! And the ones of your girls -- so sweet.

Hope you're having a nice time with your guests!

Kym said...

I'm absolutely charmed!

JennyMac said...

Really love the pics!

Batty said...

Great pics! I love that house with the thatched roof, it looks so warm and cozy and idyllic. And... I was too little when we were in Denmark to pay any attention to it, but the drinks sure look inviting!