Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You need to know how it turned out, don't you?

A big woofy collar. Two more skeins of yarn - I used cashmerino and tried to hide the line under the fold, so you can't really see the difference between the browns. And I have all the notes so I can write it up the way I should have knit it in the first place! It seems unfair that I always end up with the mistake-laden prototypes, doesn't it? Oh well. We'll see if you notice when I wear it at Rhinebeck. :-)

But anyways, it feels as woofy as it looks, and since so few of my day to day friends are knitters, they won't notice the little things that bug me here. Really, it feels amazing. Amy, my model, didn't want to take it off. (That's the power of Cashmerino on your neck.) I'd have knit the whole thing out of cashmerino, had I known. But the pills. Ah, the pills... Sometimes I've lucked out with my Cashmerino and had no pills, sometimes not. Better not to risk it. Instead, I am thinking Karabella Aurora 8 or Sublime Merino Silk Aran or something like that might be a good call. Something Aran, something soft.

Or even a good Aran Tweed. I could make another in light gray Queensland Aran Tweed. Mmmmmm. Without the collar issues (which you CAN see in the photo above).

The beauty of Ravelry is that everyone will substitute and I'll get to see it a whole bunch of different ways, in a whole bunch of yarns - that is, if anyone (besides Jan there) ends up making it, yes? Below, the back. I love the back.

But, in order for any knitting to happen, I'm going to begin cable charting right after I finish here this morning. However, before I go -- I do have two more projects all photographed and ready to share.


This colorful FO had been tossed aside to be Dealt With Later. The amazing yarn was bought at the NH Sheep & Wool 2 years ago - it's a soft, drapey alpaca merino mix in fall oranges and browns and purple. I'd had visions of a big, woofy, wide, open long scarf. The drop stitch cable design was perfect, but my measurements were Way Off. Instead, I ended up with a useless, too wide too-short rectangle. Annoying.

But looking at all the cowls out there this year, I had an idea. Seamed it up, and what do you know? I got me a cowl. And I wasn't even planning on owning one. (In real life, these colors are just a little less shocking than you see on your screen...)

Lastly, Zoe can't be the only one to get mitts. Three skeins out of the stash. The bright teal is leftover sock yarn, doubled. The grayish blue is Baby Cashmerino from my Mom, leftover from some baby sweater ages ago. And another skein of heather gray is in the wings. They'll be long fingerless mitts, with a fake button placket up the side - in the gray. She already loves 'em.

And yes, I still owe you a drink.


At Home Mommy Knits said...

Love the cardigan! Just gorgeous.

Kym said...

Thea, you're killing my queue! I love the new cardigan. And, oh brother, I even think I have some great yarn for it. :-)

Renee said...

Gorgeous cardigan. The back is amazing!!

Carol said...

This one is really really good. I may even knit it. ;)

Hilary said...

GREAT sweater! I love the "big woofy" collar, and I love it styled with a long tee underneath. I also can't find where you switched yarns, even looking for it.

Norma said...

Once again you have read my mind. Now I know EXACTLY why I have been saving my Shaba green Peace Fleece -- THIS is the sweater I want...with just a few mods. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH and can't wait to knit this!!!!! Awesome, darlin'.

Anonymous said...

Love the cardi. Absolute love. The collar is fantastic. And your going to Rhinebeck too! Yay! Hopefully I'll make it over to the meet up, last year I skipped it. (my mom and I arrived late and wanted to shop more)
your orange owl mitts are the perfect pair of orange and owl!

cafemis said...

hi my friends,see you