Thursday, September 24, 2009

Literally. Having sent out both Luckies to be test knit, I took a little trip back up to the stash and remembered I still needed to address These Guys.

My Fall Design - the cabled wrap cardigan - sure looked finished when I posted about it a ways back, but really, not so much. The collar was never right. Too narrow. I had bound off where I did because I was running out of yarn and couldn't make it as big as I'd wished. And I told myself the narrower collar would be so much more flattering, since it was a vertical line. Riiiight. It wouldn't fold over enough to cover its own ribs.

Which leads to me to where I am today.

Earlier this summer, I went to Webs with Carol and bought more brown Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran with this very problem in mind. Which was a great idea -- except I'd knit this baby out of Debbie Bliss Merino Aran. Discontinued Debbie Bliss Merino Aran. So close, and yet so far.

But it's not that bad, since the collar will fold over and the subtle newbrown/oldbrown line will get hidden. I'm going to need to add a couple more inches to make this happen, but you can see how it's going. Looking at this photo, I think I'm actually going to go back a few rows and move my left side short rows up a ways so the bottom on the tie side doesn't get all this new width and will still be nice and narrow while the top gets wider.

Make sense? It doesnt' have to to you. Yet. But, as you can see by the open notebook, notes are being taken. If I (ever) do write this guy up, it'll be with a Nice Big collar, properly proportioned, and out of currently available yarn. To begin with.

The other pile on the table? That's an easier one. It's the Star Crossed Cardi, still awaiting sleeves. I haven't decided how long to make them yet, but I'm officially committed to adding them - the cables on the shoulders give me a big 80's shoulderpad vibe. They need some little sleeves to move the attention outward. Not long ones, but some version of short.

And really, what else would I do with the 2+ odd skeins of Chamonix that are left?

Now this pile? A collection of pics, catalogs, fashion mags, knitting mags and some stitch dictionaries. That's the next batch of inspiration in the works. I like to look at a whole bunch of things and pick and choose elements when I'm drawing. Like a giant Chinese Menu. I'm playing with cream colored soft tweed. A Queensland Kathmandu or Jo Sharp Silkroad kind of thing. I'm sure Rowan has a gorgeous one too. I have a few ideas.

And PS. Have you seen THESE?

I plan to make them this weekend. Plan To. We'll see. Grandma's had a little fall down in NJ, my poor Mom has had to deal with the fallout, and it's the holiday anyways, so I'm taking the girls down to cheer them up. She's fine, but everyone down there needs a little distraction. Am thinking these are a great travel project. Zoe's dying for a pair to match her new owl backpack. The Must Have Accessory for Kindergarten, yes?

I think I'd feel a little more pressure to get going if it wasn't 78 degrees today.


At Home Mommy Knits said...

Love the owl mitts. I have a pair I made for the kids back at the beginning of summer I just haven't sewn on the little button eyes. Now that I'm reminded about them I think maybe I'll get on that. Good luck with all your patterns/designs :) Sorry about your Grandma.

amy said...

I have 1600 yards of Jo Sharp silkroad dk tweed just waiting for a perfect pattern. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I'm almost done knitting your nantucket red cardigan and I love it! Sorry about your Grandma. :o(

Carol said...

Best wishes to your grandma. Little falls can mean big damage in the elderly so don't be too careful.
Love the owl mittens but G has requested the colorful ones from the new Kristin Nicholas book. She's my little Kaffe in the making...

Hilary said...

I thought the collar looked great! But big, floppy collars are pretty cool. I hope your grandma feels better soon...I'm sure you guys will cheer her up.

Patty said...

Love, love, love the cable project. Best of luck to you in NJ and well wishes to your Grandma.

Renee said...

Hope your grandma is doing better.

I love tweed anything, but especially cream or oatmeal coloured tweed. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Cream tweed = snuggly turtleneck and long sleeves in my books. lol

Anonymous said...

NO, DO NOT STOP WRITING THIS!! PLEASE!! I have been waiting so very patiently for you to finish this one; ask Kym! I simply adore this. I bought some brown yarn and had decided you weren't going to finish this anytime soon, so I was going to start Mr. Greenjeans with the brown, but darn it all, I will stop those plans right in their tracks if you will only finish this. I just love how this thing does. Begging you... ~Jan

Kym said...

Thea -- Jan means what she says! She really wants to knit the brown cardi! ;-)

I love the owl mittens! I made them last year as gifts for my mom and my daughter. They are very quick to knit, although I recommend a bulky or heavy worsted yarn or they turn out "floppy" (I re-did my first attempt with heavier yarn).

My best to your Grandma. Hope she's quickly on the mend!

Thea said...

OK Jan, I promise. Thanks for the positive reinforcement!

At the least, I'll make sure YOU have all the info to make one.

Talk to me on email and let me know what kind of knitter you are, perhaps you want to be a tester??

Jody said...

LOVE the nantucket red! Just finished one of my own.

Anonymous said...

I totally get what your saying about short rows. Definitely want to get those babies centered! This sweater is going to be great, and I can't wait for the pattern.
Hope your trip down to your Grandma's went well, and that she is doing well too! LOVE the owl mitts. They are so cute. My kids seem to need new mittens every winter.

Its cold and rainy here in Western PA. I've been working on my sweater for Rhinebeck (wisteria) while my kids have been enjoying new craft supplies!