Friday, October 16, 2009

The song keeps going through my head. I couldn't link you to You Tube since the lyrics are disabled there. It's offensive and all. Advertisers would be irate. But I'm sure I'll be humming it all day -- as I walk through my daughters' elementary school. And unfortunately or not, it won't be the first time. (It's just so catchy, I can't help myself.)

Maybe my driving buddy wants me to bring the CD in the car tomorrow??

Anyways, the snow began falling this morning and these boots are going to come in way handy tomorrow on the field. Which Maya tells me will be full of snirt (snow+dirt). I'm afraid she's right.

But either way, this time tomorrow I'll be in the car, windshield wipers ablaze, cruising down 84. I have just one more inch of turtleneck and I'll be all done. So even the promise of nasty snow and rain and snirt can't ruin my day. Now I must pack. I have a new and very easy hat design to start and bring along.

And a friend of mine suggested I knit a cozy for my flask - to keep the booze warm. I'm amused by this idea, but I agree AND I might just have time tonight for that too!


Renee said...

Can't wait to see your finished sweater. Have a blast at Rhinebeck.

We all have cozies for our travel mugs and love them. Would be perfect for your flask. Very knitterly...

Kym said...

I have boots just like yours (different color. . .). I hate to think of digging them out yet -- I finally broke down and put on a pair of socks just this week! Have a grand time this weekend!

Kym said...

Oh. And thanks. Now I'll be humming That Song all day, too! ;^)