Saturday, October 24, 2009

So here's where I ended up with my Rhinebeck-inspired slouchy hat. The kids think it looks like a sea creature's on my head. An octopus, starfish, squid type of thing. You know the joke, where you put your hand, fingers spread, on someone's skull and tell them it's a brain sucking spider? Yeah, they're doing that to each other and finding themselves completely hilarious. They aren't entirely wrong, but that's the look I wanted, right?

And I don't care, because this is exactly what I had in mind when I cast on.

The hat-inspired haircut isn't looking too groovy in the photo - but this post is about the hat, and it's way to rainy to have any say over the hair today.

I'm amused. Craig is taking my photo. It's raining and he's playing with the settings. Come to think of it, I'm a little pinker than usual here. He's still learning.


If anyone's really paying attention, you'll notice I'm not at Stitches. Instead, I'm hanging out in town today. I woke up, looked out the window and decided I just wasn't up for the rainy drive.

Instead, a Halloween Update:

Maya and I are off to the Goodwill in a little while to get fixins. A high necked Amish type dress. Yes, you heard that right :-) Apparently, the St Pauli Girl Devil was too much for her too. We watched the Addams Family movie yesterday and she's decided to be Wednesday Addams. It's going to be perfect. Braids, the dress and some ghoulish makeup.

I so prefer creepy to slutty!


Renee said...

Very nice hat!

That's a much better costume plan. I'm sighing in relief for you. lol

yoel said...

You're rockin' the new hat-friendly haircut!

Carol said...

Maya will make an awesome Wednesday!

Hilary said...

That is SO awesome that you cut your hair to accommodate hats. I totally get it. And I think both hair and hat look fantastic. I am very impressed by your craft scissor wielding skills!

You must be so relieved that Maya changed her mind about her costume! I saw the Addams Family on tv yesterday...she will be a perfect Wednesday!

Holli said...

The hat looks awesome -- and yes, totally perfect for the hair cut! Great job. And I really loved seeing your face in a photo -- how nice to feel like I really 'know' you know.

And THANK GOODNESS for Wednesday Addams! That's going to be super cute.

Patty said...

Love the haircut and the hat. You look a little like Jillian Michaels there. :-)

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