Friday, October 09, 2009

So how about those leaves?

I do live in New England, and it IS mid October, so what's up with this?

And this? Things are curiously green around here still.

(Note to Hilary: They were playing wild animal hide and seek in the trees. You can't see, but there are 7 kids in the yard. And then Zoe, inside on the computer, playing Nick Jr. )

Anyways, in the spirit of "If I make it, it will come." We decided to make a fall cocktail and hang out on the patio, and act like it was time, so the trees might be inspired to move things along. It did get chilly, so I did bust out and wear my new cowl/wrap thing. After the pretty photo, where it served as my fall themed prop.

It's a Glass of Pie. Does that sound wrong? We couldn't decide if it sounded like a euphemism for something dirty. Or if we were just too twisted and bored and shouldn't really even be drinking at 3 in the afternoon anyways.

So if you don't want to offer your friends Glasses of Pie, you can call this an Autumn Pie. Which honestly, may or may not be any better. Give me another idea if you have one.

1.5 oz white rum
.5 oz Hot Damn cinnamon schnapps
(I love that this stuff is called Hot Damn)
quick shot of OJ
fill remainder of glass with cider (about 6 oz?)
ice cubes

I'm guessing this would also be pretty tasty warm, but that'll have to wait for some Actual Cold Weather. In the meantime, enjoy. If you want it a little less sweet, try a shot of lemon juice too. We didn't have any, although I did plan on including it. In the end we decided we like it just fine without.

In further planning for fall, I've managed to get into the body of my white tweedy lacy project. I'm liking this a lot -- we'll see if I get it done to wear to Rhinebeck or if I wear my
cabled brown cardigan with the ties. Not sure.

(I cannot make the paragraph above align properly....)

In Rhinebeck news, I'm all worked out with my partner and a room. And yep, I waited until One Week Before the fair to find a room. Ha. Just try that. After a series of nopes, on a whim, I called a hotel really close in - because, fuck it, what did I have to lose, right?

Turns out I called a hotel in Kingston about 1 minute after someone had cancelled their reservation I and got a room Right There. In Kingston, about 15 mintues away.

I'll be bringing drinks.


Sarah Jackson said...

Have fun in at Rhinebeck! Maybe someday I'll get to go. I love your tweedy lace - that's one of my favorite things. Can't wait to see it all done.

Patty said...

Hmmm looks like a packy run after work. Could be just what the doctor orders after that BAA 1/2 on Sunday! Thanks for the recipe!

Renee said...

Have a blast at Rhinebeck! That's some darned good room booking karma.

No idea what to call that drink, the only thing that comes to my mind is 'Ciderized'.

Kym said...

The drink and the cowl look perfectly color coordinated! How cool is that! (The trees will probably turn all at once. . . don't you think?)

Anonymous said...

The leaves may not be what you want yet, but enjoy the green while you can! Dreary, gloomy winter is right around the corner, and then you will be longing for the lush green! (at least I always do) Your back yard is just beautiful, and wild animal hide? What is that? (sounds fun anyway)

I have ONE question for you that is just burning in my mind. HOW, do you stay so skinny with all those mixed drinks? If I were to drink all that, I would be a total blimp!

Thea said...

Dean anon,

I just limit your intake on solid food to make up for it....

Thea said...

oops, that'd be MY intake..

a girls gotta make sacrifices, right?

Batty said...

We were driving around today and I saw lots of colors, so why aren't your leaves turning? It must be you!

That drink looks delicious. I don't understand why Fall doesn't stop by your house for a sip. Cinnamon and cider, the perfect combination.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could get to Rhinebeck for a meet-up and drinks.

Out here on the left coast, we wait for winter to come so things will get green. Summer: brown. Winter: green. We do things out own way.

Hilary said...

Wild animal hide and seek? Love it. But Zoe wasn't so much into it? (Sorry for the late response! Just got back from a trip to NYC last night/this morning and finally got the chance to do comments.)

I kind of like Glass of Pie. I suppose it could be that sort of euphemism...but honestly, anything can if have the right mind set! But, "I'm drinking a Glass of Pie"...not so bad. Just sounds yummy.

Is Hot Damn like After Shock?