Thursday, October 22, 2009

That maybe only a fellow knitter would understand.

See my hat-in-the making? See my new bangs? All those layers down the side? Yeah, that's new. Really new. I just cut my hair so it would look better in the hat. And, yep, I did it in the bathroom, in the mirror, with craft scissors. While Wearing The Hat.

I think I've crossed a line somewhere in there, but I'm not sure if where it was. In fact, I only noticed it when I looked back at the last half hour of my life and thought about my actions. (Perhaps the craft scissors were the giveaway.) But you guys get it, right?

Honestly, since seeing so many amazing hats at Rhinebeck I think I've become a little hat-centric. I have about 1o new hats planned for winter, and realizing my current haircut wasn't going to do any of them justice, I couldn't possibly wait another minute to rectify the situation. Hats need a little layering.

In the end, I'm thinking the actual haircut came out ok. Maybe even better than the one I paid for last month. Which is good, since I'm off for a big Anniversary Surprise Date tonight... 14 years since I met my DH, working in an ad agency in San Francisco.

It's a surprise. I have no idea where it is or what we're doing. All I've been told is to arrange a babysitter, wear a dress and put these on. I love these.

Then, show up at a specific bar in Harvard Square at 7pm.

Can I wear my hat, you think?

PS. Who's going to Stitches on Sat? I'm so bummed to have missed so many of you at Rhinebeck, and I'm going for the full 2-festival experience here --

I'd love to really find you in Hartford this weekend, :-)


Renee said...

Been there ~ done that! lol Well, I didn't use craft scissors... Layers and bangs are in, so are hats. Looks great from what I can see.

Have a great date and enjoy. Love your shoes!

Sarah Jackson said...

Happy anniversary!! I love the new haircut. I hope it made the outfit for your fun evening out.

Peaceful Knitter said...

So funny! And you're right: we've been there and understand! Happy Anniversary!

Carol said...

If only I'd known! I would have called you back right away to talk you down!

Holli said...

OMG, Thea - you're killing me. Cutting your own hair with craft scissors to look better with your hat! AWESOME! And it looks wonderful.

Happy Anniversary too -- the shoes are tre chic. Have a great time

Auglaise said...

This makes me feel about a million times better for cutting my hair with my 'yarn scissors' last week. I thought I was the only one! :D

And Happy Anniversary!

Kym said...

The shoes! The shoes! Love them. Hope you had a fabulous celebration. Happy anniversary.

Patty said...

Love the shoes! Looks like you needed to get to that bar in the square quickly...Hope you had a great evening. Enjoy Stitches, I would have loved to attend that. Going to have to enjoy a college reunion of sorts on Arsenal St. instead.

Kathleen said...

Cute shoes. Happy anniversary! What's good in the Square these days? Can you toddle up Mass Ave. in those to Chez Henri? Is it even still there? Have a great time wherever you go!

We're celebrating our first wedding anniversary this weekend, too.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up, honestly! Actually, I used to be a hairdresser (so I DO know what I'm doing) but I have cut my own hair with every kind of cutting tool imagineable, so you're ok. You did a really good job! Now you know you have a choice of a 2nd career if need be, ha!

Ohhhhhh, FANTASTIC shoes! Really feminine and cute shoes are so hard to find!

Happy Anniversary!~Jan