Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fireside was finished this morning. Buttons and all. It's perfect for wearing outside on the deck here, but I decided I loved it so much I wore it all day today. To the Mall.

On the bright side, every other sweater just looks like shit next to it, so you save a ton of money on shopping. On the flip side, not a good idea. It's just too hot to wear a bulky, cabley wool sweater in a crowded indoor space full of idiots (and that's what a mall is, yes?).

Even with the hot sweater and the idiots, we had a great day. Hilarious really. We did the lunch and girl thing and we brought an extra girl for even more fun. Really, few things are more entertaining than preteens at the mall. The shit they say to each other, the comments on what's on the rack, and of course, the crap they say about the idiots. Because even at 10, you can recognize the idiots. Who are out in spades on a holiday, lemme tell you.

The other bonus of shopping with the 10 year olds is the excuse to buy stuff at Claires. I got a few new pairs of earrings - for like $3. And at Blue Mercury I had to justify our makeup trying out session with another little present for me as well. New Laura Mercier. I love Laura Mercier. Mmmmm. And yes, all three girls look like streetwalking clowns after 20 minutes with the samples in the shop. See? More fun. Hope the other Mom doesn't mind when she picks up her child.

Anyways, you're probably wondering more about Fireside than them.

So, buttons. You'd think that with my batch of vintage buttons, I'd have added something amazing, but instead I opted for the classics. I tried a whole bunch of different things, but with this sweater, funky buttons just add distraction. There's already a lot going on here. I ended up with small, black woven leather ones. They suit it just fine.

And the pattern? It's awesome. Makes a complicated looking garment seem easy to knit. The directions are straightforward and simple. It goes fast. Knitting the sleeves on DPNs sucks, but it's worth it. And not hard, just annoying.

I thought the back seemed very small - so I blocked it a little extra, and all was fine. Perhaps it's meant to be a little more fitted than I'd have worn it. I also think the shoulders are big on me. But I think my shoulders are small, so that's not the pattern, that's probably me. I used Louet Riverstone Bulky and love it. I have about a skein and a quarter left over and am hoping I'll find something to make out if it, since it's great stuff.

But a big cozy sweater and a long day with 3 gals at the mall calls for a drink, dontcha think? So here's something new. I'll even call it a Fireside since it seems cozy.

(see those iron spider candle holders? Zoe and I found them on sale at Pottery Barn. She felt sorry for the big guy with 7 legs, so we bought them. Kind of like animal rescue, but without the commitment of actual feeding and care.)


1 of those half cans of ginger ale
1/2 oz of Cabin Fever (maple liqueur)
1 oz vodka
splash of vermouth

It's pretty good - and cold, since I'm still feeling a little hot. Because, no I haven't taken the sweater off yet. I like it THAT much.


At Home Mommy Knits said...

I just got the Fireside pattern yesterday and I can't wait to cast on. Yours looks gorgeous!

Batty said...

Your Fireside came out incredible. No wonder everything else looks bland by comparison, those cables are stunning.

I just had a thought about your drink recipe... my co-worker gave me a recipe for home-made ginger ale. If it's any good, I may try sticking Cabin Faver and vodka in it.

Carol said...

That sweater is amazing!! I so need one NOW.

Holli said...

Wow -- Fireside is even more gorgeous complete than I'd imagined. Great work, Thea! I can totally see why you wore it all day. I'm sniggering at your descriptions of the mall with 10 year olds! What funny memories that brought to mind.

And I've never heard of Cabin Fever -- but man does it sound tasty :) You are always so clever with your cocktails -- a Thea Fireside sounds delicious!

Patty said...

Absofrigginlutely gorgeous! What a beautiful knit. You wear it well Thea, it looks great.

Kym said...

Oh, Thea! 'Tis GORgeous. Looks great on you. I used to love mall trips with my daughter when she was younger. Wait! I STILL love mall trips with her. . . they just don't involve Claire's anymore. Sounds like you had a perfect day. :-)

Kathleen said...

Your Fireside is beautiful, Thea! Congratulations, and the buttons are perfect. The mall sounds like a hoot.

Hilary said...

That is an absolutely stunning sweater! Fits you wonderfully, too. I BET everything in the mall looked like crap next to it!

Norma said...

Oooh, excitement! It's lovely, lovely, lovely!

Renee said...

Mall trips are a riot. We don't have them often, but when we do it's a blast. My daughter dropped off her resume at 8 stores at the mall today -- so we may well be there soon - a LOT.

Your Fireside is gorgeous!!! Looks fantastic on you! :)

Anonymous said...

freaking gorgeous! Absolutely love how fireside came out, all those cables are spectacular.

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