Friday, November 20, 2009

Because I've been working on another project for Maya the past few days. Not only is the teal J Crew scarf in the WIP basket, but this little tunic project from the newspaper circular wormed its way into my head and I couldn't shake it. So I went over to Lexington and got a couple of skeins of Cascade 220 and spent a while working out the particulars.

I'm having so much fun watching this evolve that it's become my project of choice, and the poor Owl hat continues to slide down the list for another day.

And slide it did because...

I'm now way distracted. Gathering for winter perhaps?

New button batches were delivered this week. (yay!) Not that I meant to purchase more, but it just happened. See, I periodically check in on ebay and toss a lowball bid on some pounds of vintage buttons in a tin. I go for three at a time. And I lose a lot. My limit is $10, so as said above, I'm usually losing. But pre Thanksgiving, it seems my co bidders have slacked off and I had a winning streak. Three tins I won. All 3.

And I love how I "won" them. Pure marketing genius. Since I not so much as "win", but pay. And in fact, pay more than anyone else is willing to for the crap I "win". But I'm good here with $5 each for 3 good hauls. Really good hauls..

And then, on Thursday, I was given the karma batch below.

These were given to me by one of the teachers at school, when I brought my rejects in and offered them up for art projects. She didn't need em, she told me, since she has the GrandDaddy tin of vintage buttons already. (oh really?) And then she did the most amazing thing - for which I now love her more than I even did before - and I did love this woman before.

She said since the kids don't care what's in there, I can just go through and take what I want. They'll never miss the good ones, she said. Never.

She then put one of those GIANT Charles Chips tins on the table. It's full.

And I only had 15 mins. 15 fucking minutes!!! Hence the small pile. It was like one of those game shows where the people grab all the stuff they can and get to keep it. Dammit. But I'll be back. I volunteer every Thursday, all morning. Every Thursday. I have all year to hit that tin. With permission from the teacher :-)

(And if any of you Monday ladies are reading, I have a bag ready to bring. Feel free to make a color or type request below in the comments and I'll try to accomodate.)

Next up, I'll be looking for project ideas that use buttons again. Got any?


Patty said...

Not a single idea for you but what I'd give for a can of Charles Chips! Enjoy the weekend!

Holli said...

What is it with buttons? I love them too!

Kym said...

Oh. The buttons. I wouldn't have been able to breathe. . .

Hilary said...

Oooh, nice haul!! What about a simple hat with a cluster of buttons on the brim? I'm going to try that may look dorky, but it looks cool in my head. :)

yoel said...

Holy MOG. So many awesome buttons. can. not. breathe.

Anonymous said...

sweet! That sounds like the granddaddy of all button tins, holy crap!