Monday, December 21, 2009

Not with this little project here, but with the gamut of holiday obligations I was bitching about last week. Everyone has come and gone, the dinners have all been served, the homework all done, and the gifts have either been knit, wrapped or given. We've shoveled.

And, my traditional role as a Jew at Christmas is as a guest :-) So, I have only to ATTEND things from now on. And maybe to bring some wine with me.

I can handle.

About the little project above here, it's cruising along. Thanks to the snowstorm and the fact that the kids spent about 6 hours outside yesterday. I was able to make soup, knit, shovel, and knit. The design is evolving as I knit into it. I'm taking notes as I go.

However, I realized I was knitting (again) with discontinued yarn from stash. Ugh. But I think I have tracked down 20 extra skeins of the exact colorway at a yarn shop I found online during the big snowstorm. Woo Hoo Internet.

Hampton Yarns in Hampton Bay NY. I haven't actually ordered the extras yet, but the shop carried the DK according to Google and the owner, Kathleen, has already won my heart with a quick response that yes, they had the Aran too. She then another follow up email telling me to join their customer club for an automatic 5% off my order. That little bit o customer service? Always goes a long way with me. I'm in. I'll be doing a little "shopping" online later today, once I figure out how much extra I'll need.


Also during the snowstorm, I managed to finish up my own Grace Beret. I gave Mrs. Carter's to her last week when I went in with dreidels and cookies for the class.

(Told you I'd need one too!)

The extra jaunty angle was for photo purposes only so I could get the camera around to take the top. The actual hat is worn straight back on my head and is only a little slouchy, and not really all that poufy. It's pretty perfect actually. The puffiness is more subtle from the front and you see it more at the side and back. I'm so loving these hats!

I think my next lacey project might be one of Ysolda's designs. Either Snapdragon or the Rose Red. Those are gorgeous. And I'm still planning on a little Ishbel.

But they'll have to wait, since I still have to buy Ysolda's book. I totally intend to, I just haven't yet. I can't figure out which one to get since there's a few things in each I want - like the old style Chinese menus, I'd pick a few from Column A, a few from Column B.

Eventually I'm sure I'll buy both.

Just like Craig did when choosing which presents I needed here.

Frangelico AND Godiva.
Yes, we had hot chocolate this weekend in the snow.

and PS, Maya's teacher told her that her bird project was one of the two best in class. Makes me a little scared about the others, but does justify the buttons and precious time used on said creature, doesn't it?


Kym said...

Good work on the Best-in-Class distinction! Always good to know your efforts pay off. (Over-Achievers Unite!) Love the hat. Love it.

Carol said...

LOVE the beret. It looks perfect on you. And tell Maya congratulations from us!

Hilary said...

You made it! Woo hoo! Enjoy the attending. :) I love your beret -- it is absolutely adorable. And tell Maya congrats!

Batty said...

Godiva and Frangelico... I bet they even taste great if you pour them into hot chocolate together...

Lovely beret. And congrats on finishing the holiday stuff! I shoveled snow on Sunday and got sick, so I didn't quite make all of my knitting deadlines. Oh, well. Next year.

Kathleen said...

Mmmm, Frangelico. I haven't had any in ages - must put that on the stock-up list. Purty hat! I have Ysolda's first book and quite like it. I'm sure I'll get the second one, as well.