Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sorry to run yesterday, but I have lots to catch up on now.


The short lucky pattern is posted and available on Ravelry and it's also on the sidebar here. I wear it more than any other sweater I've made, which kind of surprises me since it's maybe the plainest of all my patterns. But maybe that's why it's such a wardrobe go-to. I can pair it with anything - like scarves or other shirts with patterns on them. It's super soft and the shape and the short sleeves work with my skinny jeans or with a casual dress just fine. And that color makes me happy.

So anyways, there it is. Enjoy :-)


Onto the other knitting.

This truck hat is an experiment in the works. Apparently the pig suggestion from little James was a red herring, and I shouldn't trust the opinion of my smallest nephew in matters related to knitting. My sister sent me in a more appropriate direction - trucks.

I looked for a truck pattern and couldn't find one, but at least it's an easy shape to fudge. And I have a bag of Cascade bits just perfect for this kind of thing just stitting around in stash. So I did a few drawings and looked for boy colors (no small feat around here).

Craig is confused by the street I made above the brim.

( See, lines on a street.... down on the bottom? Am I kidding myself or does it work? ) Unfortunately it might be a little big, but the boys in that house have good sized noggins, so I'm going to go with it. Just a few more rows of black and it'll go in the mail.

(Annie, you approve?)


Lastly, if you need a party recipe, here's a good one.

The photo is scary - and I'll spare you the skanky ham recipe (that's what the giant red thing is) , but the berry dish in the front is super easy and sounds like a groovy thing to bring over someone's house.

Raspberries Rasputin
(that's what they call it)

1 package frozen raspberries
3 oz peppermint schnapps
Put berries in shallow serving dish. Add schnapps. Serve while berries are still slightly crystallized with ice. Garnish with miint.

2-4 servings (so multiply if you need to)


Goes by the name of Anna said...

For some reason the phrase 'skanky ham recipe' makes me giggle helplessly...

That truck hat is really cute!

Renee said...

The hat and road under the trucks totally works. Lucky boy!
I'm laughing at the skanky ham too...

Alexis said...

Well, if it's named after Rasputin at least it probably won't kill you.

Kathleen said...

Short Lucky is really cute. I think I'll stay away from the thawing raspberries and peppermint schnapps - my frozen raspberries never look that pretty.

Annie said...

I love the truck hat and Jamesy will love it. Funny, but I bought him a book for Christmas called "Stuck Truck " about a truck that gets stuck under an overpass. He can wear your hat when they read him the book.

Carol said...

The road is great. Don't listen to the D&D man.
That pink glowing ham is beyond scary.

Kym said...

Is that one of the "vintage" books (I'm guessing so. . . because of the glowing ham. . .)? I think my mom and her best friend used to make Raspberries Rasputin when I was little. I remember the name! (And the raspberries.)

Also -- I totally get the road on the hat. What else could it be?????

Hilary said...

Yay Short Lucky! The hat looks adorable and I think the road totally works. I knew immediately what was going on there. The raspberry recipe sounds yummy...but that ham totally scares me!