Saturday, December 05, 2009

First the hair. And a bathroom mirror in serious need of some Windex.

I'm afraid I'm channeling Farrah a little more than I intended to, but I'm OK with it. A few days to figure out how to manage the poof and what product will keep those curls calm and I'll be good. Most importantly, the bangs hide those forehead wrinkles like a charm.

As for knits, I've got two to share.

Maya's tunic from the newspaper circular is all done and she loves it. So much she let me take these couple of photos on the rainy and cold porch while her buddy Molly waited in the door and heckled her. I used three skeins of Cascade, which at $24, just beats the$25 Kohl's price tag for the original sweater in crappy acrylic. Nyah nyah.

And apparently she can dance in it.

There's one more finished knit below. It's a Gryffindor hat for my adorable peanut of a nephew, who spent all of Thanksgiving with a hardcover copy of Harry Potter which is about as big as he is.

(If Annie's still out there reading - you know who I'm talking about. )

I have to figure out another appropriate hat for his brother James, who when asked, said he likes Pigs. Any good Pig Hat ideas? I refuse to knit a snout and subject him to misery of the novelty hat, but intarsia pigs will be just fine. I bet there are some out there....

Next to Eli's hat is one of Grandma's party books.

This one's from Charlie's liquor store of Shopwell Plaza in the Bronx NY. Since we're coming up on the holiday season, you guys might want a few more recipes to go with that jar cheese and nutmeat concoction you're already enjoying, right?

Here's some easy ones:

Frankfurter Snack

Cut franks in 1" pieces and split lengthwise. Fill with mustard and sliver of pickle.
Fasten with cocktail pick and broil.

Viking Special

Chop up one can of boneless sardines, two hard boiled eggs and 8 sweet pickles. Mix together with salt, pepper and mayonnaise. Smooth onto on rye bread or in celery sticks. Sprinkle with paprika.

Corned Beef N Pickle Treats

Chill canned corned beef and cut in 1" cubes.
Spear each cube on toothpick with a tiny gherkin.

Deviled Cheese Boats

1 pkg cream cheese
1 tbs chopped pickle
1 tbs ketchup
1 tbs chopped stuffed olives
12 slices tongue

Mix cream cheese and blend in ketchup till smooth. Add olive and pickle. Spread on tongue slices. Roll up. Fasten with picks. Chill.

(OK, Eeeew.)

And what party's complete without fondue?

Scotch n Soda Fondue

1 lb shredded cheddar
1 tsp flour
1 tsp butter
1.5 oz scotch whisky
7 oz club soda
1 tsp worstershire sauce

Toss ingredients into fondue pot, without cheese. Add cheese handful at a time, stirring constantly and allowing it to melt before adding the next handful. Once cheese is melted and mixture is thickened, beat one egg lightly in seperate bowl. Add a little hot cheese mixture to it and then put into pot, stirring again. When it's smooth and creamy it's ready.

Serve with crusty chunks of bread for dipping.


That's it for the snacks. Next time I have a few ideas from the Punches and Pitchers section.

Anyone ever see sparkling burgundy at the store?


yoel said...

Love the bangs and the tunic. The beef tongue, not so much! :)

Lyndsey said...

What a beautiful tunic!

I don't have a pig HAT idea, but I just finished up a pig scarf out of the Debbie Bliss Winter 2009 Magazine, and I LOVE it! Of course, I'm not sure as to its heckling factor!

Carol said...

There's a pig mitten pattern somewhere but I don't know about hats. The hair is awesome - even with the pouf.

Holli said...

I'm loving Maya's tunic! What a perfect color and the arm construction is amazing. Great job.

And your hair -- super chic!

Hilary said...

I love the hair! The bangs look awesome. Love the tunic, too! I really like the raglan shaping in the back.

Viking Special...mmm...I'll have to make that one. Do you think my Swedish genetic memory will help with the taste of sardines and sweet pickles mixed together?

Kathleen said...

Digging the hair, but that fondue recipe has to go!

Kym said...

Great hair! :-) Love Maya's tunic. It's such a treat to knit for your kids and have them DANCING in the finished product. It doesn't get much better than that!

Annie said...

Yup...I do read your blog almost daily. Eli will love the Harry Potter hat. I'll check my vast pattern collection and see if I can come up with one with a pig motif for my birthday buddy James. Did you know we were both born on June 30th?

Anonymous said...

We love Maya's tunic and would love the pattern. How to get it??? Please email to
Thanks a million!!

Jenn said...

My daughter, who is 9, is in LOVE with that tunic! Is there any plans to make the pattern available for purchase?