Thursday, December 24, 2009

Usually we have a big Jewish Christmas celebration with my inlaws, who'd figured out a long time ago that Dec 23-35 were the only days in the calendar where they didn't need to fight with any other inlaws in order to have all their kids and grandchildren in one house for a few days. Every year, we've gone to their farmhouse for the whole thing - the tree, stockings, presents, eggnog, rum, dogs, and board games -- and yep, sometimes even a ham. (Which we all love as much as bacon)

However, this year, there's a snafu and we're only going for the day tomorrow, so this morning we've having what I imagine is a more traditional Jewish Christmas Eve.

With a remote control,

A few simple projects to work on,

And coffee.

You know what? It's kind of nice.

We're invited to a friends house nearby for an early dinner and we may catch a movie if we feel like it. Or maybe we'll come home and do Pay Per View. And have rum with eggnog.

(And a little cointreau in there - it's good)


This new plan is also going to work out great since it will give me lots of time to work on this. My yarn from Knitting Past arrived today! It seems the project Can Go On.

(shall I say Jewish Christmas miracle?)

Once again I'm loving the power of the internet. This yarn is long gone from the commercial world. But here it is. It's not the same dyelot, and the stuff hasn't been manufactured since 1995 or something, but Kathleen, from my last post, has set me up, and has more skeins in the shop should I need 'em. I'm so glad, since I was loving the project and was dreading a froglike solution. Like those cables? They have hidden button holes in them.

So - people. support those LYSs!


Wishing you all a great day -- with family or friends or peacefully knitting at home.


Chris said...

We're having a quiet Christmas Eve, too. The calm before the craziness of the next few days. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family! Your sweater is looking fabulous!

Cyndi said...

Our Christmas Eve is quiet as well. The cookie factory has officially closed and I can finally enjoy a glass of cab. LOVE those cables and am intrigued by the hidden buttonholes. You are too clever!

knitterbeader said...

Just got home from Christmas Eve services, no more baking, drinking a hot mocha with Bailey's in it, and all is right with my little world.

Batty said...

Happy Jewish Christmas! Remote control and knitting... sounds perfect.

yoel said...

Hooray for quiet and cozy holidays. Happy holidays!

Carol said...

And Chinese food??
Love the multicolored mitts? mittens? and the new project. We both lucked out with discontinued yarn this season.

Kathleen said...

Can't wait to see more of the hidden buttonholes in those cables. Happy Jewish Christmas! We did Greek Christmas with my in-laws yesterday, complete with Pastitsio and Spanikopita. Yum.

Kym said...

Everything is looking lovely, Thea. Hope you had a wonderful Jewish Christmas -- with plenty of relaxing family time and a few drinks, too! :-)