Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Zoe got her Owls. And I've saved her bitter art for the future.
(Ironically, I have no buttons small enough for eyes and must buy some. Figures, right? Ha. )

Besides the hat, very little knitting was done, but we had a great week. We gave the kids a little slice of my childhood with a trip into NYC. Besides a morning at the Met, we saw the holiday windows and the ice skaters at Rockefeller, smushed through the FAO Schwartz crowds, ate big pretzels from a cart guy, walked through Central park, and best of all --

spun through every one of these we could find on 5th Avenue.


I also helped move my Grandma from her house into a smaller place, where she has no further need for this. You guys know how it works, right? I love it. I've always wanted it. And it made me teary to get it. The tears had nothing to do with the fact that the bottom compartment was completely full of amazing buttons.

Since my family knows me well, they also passed on my Grandma's collection of old party-themed pamphlets from the 60s and 70s. Grandpa, especially, never passed up the opportunity to get something for free and these all look like they came with magazines or bottles of booze or were giveaways at the market. They are awesome.

Full of amazing little hints to throw the Perfect Party. Decor, food, etiquette AND cocktail recipes. My first might be the Blinker (from the Carstairs Party book - a free gift from Esquire Magazine)


2.5 oz grapefruit juice
half oz grenadine
jigger Carstairs White Seal (or other American Blended Whiskey)
shake with ice in silver shaker and strain into glass

according to the glossary here, a jigger - 1.5 oz

There are many recipes that look like this. Creamy with olives on top. Also lots with toothpicks, lots rolled up and lots with mayo and cream cheese. One recipe calls for a Jar of Cheese. Not sure where I find cheese in a jar.


But how about these cheese canapes?

1.25 cups mashed american cheese
2 tbs cream
1/8 tsp chili powder
chopped nut meats
Ritz Crackers

Mash cheese, blend cream. Add chili powder. Force cheese mix through pastry tube onto crackers. (yes it says "force"). Sprinkle nutmeats on top.


I am going to get so much joy out of these books.

I hope my friends are hungry and in an adventurous mood for the next few months. I may have to make them the cocktails first so they'll eat the snacks. I definitely have to make the cocktails first.


Kym said...

What wonderful gifts! They're a perfect connection with your grandparents.

Nice owl hat! (When I made owl mittens last year for gifts, I had to run around cutting buttons off of summer tops and a pair of pajamas to do the eyes! I had no buttons small enough. . . and no time for a trip to the store!)

jane said...

The hat is so sweet! What a wonderful sewing box - I've always wanted one like that myself :)
I just love the sound of NYC in the holidays - I'm quite jealous! Eat a pretzel for me next time you're there :)

Carol said...

I'll be needing a largish cocktail if I'm eating something called nutmeats.

Holli said...

So much to comment on! I'm thrilled your trip to NYC was so great. The owl hat is charming (she looks very happy) and your new (yet old) notion case is incredible! My Mom had one passed down for her Mom, but it didn't survive well the past couple of years and she had to put it out to pasture. Since learning that sad fact and knowing it won't be passed on to me, I've been looking for one that's priced right on ebay and in antique shops. I'm so happy you've got one - full of buttons and history you know.

As for the cocktails -- keep 'em comin'.

Kathleen said...

Looks like you had fun in NYC - ships passing in the night, since we were in Chicago. That sewing box is awesome. I know Windsor Button will have what you need for the hat, but you could come back to NYC and hit Mood and M&J...

janna said...

A jar of cheese = Cheez Whiz!

Renee said...

Wow ~ wonderful gifts!!

Batty said...

Those look like fun! And you're absolutely right -- you get enough cocktails into people, they'll even eat those jello salads that were all the rage a couple decades ago!

yoel said...

Oooh nutmeats. And Oooh cheese from jar. And extraooooh, put them together!

Sounds like you had a wonderful little trip to NYC. Oh you made me miss Manhattan!

Hilary said...

The Owls hat -- so cute!! I hope Zoe's happy with it and won't be producing any more bitter art for awhile. :) Your trip sounds wonderful. And those party pamphlets are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sewing box! Will you give us a "button shot," so we can all drool in envy?