Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm done messing with it.

Before spring comes and you forget all about that little white lacy tunic number in favor of tanks and floaty tees, I managed to take one final look at the pattern and post it up on Ravelry.

All the info is there on yarn requirements and such. The sizes go from a 32/34 up to a 40/42, and the pattern is written with 2-3 inches of ease throughout. The larger sizes have a little additonal ease, since I am not fond of stretched lace bits, and I don't imagine you are either. But this is the beauty of top down, and there's lots of opportunity in the pattern to customize for a roomier or snuggier fit, as you prefer.

It's knit in DK tweed, mostly on #6s, with a gauge of 5 st per inch, 7 rows. And, it takes from 900 yds for the smallest to 1200 yds for the largest size. I picked the Jo Sharp because I felt the soft tweed and the silk gives the sweater a little drape and is the weight I love, but I think it's a design that's able to work in a variety of yarns from the DK buffet.

I'm having a little crisis of conscience not adding it to the Haiti list, but there are a few things around here that need to be paid. Rest assured though. The quick math tells me that the other patterns that sold so far for this --- wait for it --- equal half what I sold all last year! And they'll remain on the list until Feb 14, continuing to grow the tally.


SO, business aside and keeping with tradition around here, I owe you a drink recipe, don't I?

Traditional White Russian
1 oz coffee liqueur (Kaluha)
2 oz vodka
milk or cream
Pour coffee liqueur and vodka into old fashioned glass over ice and fill with milk or cream.

Maybe two. Since you all waited so long. (Font colors! who knew?)

Hugely Decadent White Russian
1 oz kaluha
1 oz brandy or cognac
2 oz milk
small scoop of vanilla ice cream
chocolate syrup

Pour the kaluha and brandy or cognac in a glass and add the milk. Add small scoop of ice cream and drizzle chocolate syrup on top. It's best if the ice cream begins to melt a little and you can stir it around.


Moving on to the next thing, we're in the middle of discussion about what this should be.
I'm leaning towards Southern Comfort. But I think that's because I like the stuff, not because it suits the yarn exactly.

It's really a ginger-y color, Calvados? maybe. Drambuie?
I think I'll have to do a pour test and see. But suggestions are always welcome!

I love this tweed. Not so sure it's my color exactly, but I sure do love it.


Chris said...

Beautiful pattern! Felted Tweed would be great for this. My work is getting insane again and I'm thinking I'll start checking in regularly to try your cocktail recipes (though they frown upon me drinking while at work);).

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Gorgeous pattern!! I agree with Chris, your cocktail recipes always look good.

knitterbeader said...

Beautiful pattern - also "beautiful" white russian recipe especially the decadant one!!!

Kym said...

DEFinitely gorgeous color!

karen said...

Single Malt?

shanalines said...

love the drink recipes AND the sweater!!

Hilary said...

Woo hoo! This is such a great sweater! And I need one of those Hugely Decadent White Russians right now. It could count as breakfast, right?

Patty said...

White Russian - great in either form. Heading make my purchase right now and could be on the list for cocktails this evening! Enjoy the cold russian like weekend!

Jillian said...

Lovely pattern and a wonderful drink!

Marsha said...

Not really my color either but it is pretty. What about Ginger's Ale or Pale Ale?

Anonymous said...

Pale Ale... that could totally work too! And I like it, the actual drink, I mean...

Thanks, Marsha :-)