Friday, January 29, 2010

This is not for Maya.

It's for Isabel. Every day Isabel shows up in our kitchen at 8:45 for the walk to school. And every day Isabel shows up, she has no hat. No matter how cold, no hat. So I finally asked, and it turns out she doesn't own a hat. (!!!!!!, to a knitter) I think it was lost, and when asked why she didn't get a new one, she said , "My Mom doesn't want to go over to LL Bean for a new one." (Also, !!!, to a knitter.)

How long could I let this go on without offering? About this long, apparently. I put it out there last week. She was happy to request a blue hat. With stars of some kind.

Since it's about a zillion degrees below zero today and I was invited out this morning to a coffee with friends, it was the day to do it. A good chat, a few muffins, a little clatch of ladies who I love and ... two hours = one hat. We'll walk it over tomorrow. When it warms up to 10 degrees.


The second thing I made was dinner. Other friends are coming, and that zillion degrees thing makes it a perfect day for stew. The colors were pretty and I already had the camera in hand, so hey, you get to see it too. Maya thinks this is stupid. I'm not sure she's wrong, but still, I got it in the camera and I kind of like the picture.

So here's my Cider Chicken and Vegetable stew - it gets a little cream before serving, and we have really tasty white bread rolls that you bake up at the last minute. My house smells good. Really good.

For dessert, I got butter cookies at Trader Joe's to dip in burbon.
Since the girlscout ones aren't here yet.

I'm thinking this was a productive day.

And PS - karen, I did like the single malt idea! That might be right.


karen said...

That stew looks yummy! Is that from a certain recipe, or did you just make it up as you go along? I think it will make a perfect dinner tomorrow night (it's only supposed to get colder!)

Also just wanted to let you know how much I love reading your blog - my life feels parallel to yours so much of the time (coffee, knitting, cocktails, family, friends) You make me nostalgic for my home state, though NW CT isn't too much different)

Enjoy the weekend and keep warm!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Karen! It is from a recipe - it has clove and cinnamon and thyme and bay leaf in it - wine, cider, broth and veggies. A pain cause you flour & sautee the chicken first, but worth it. I make it often. :-)

The book is called Simply Stews & I picked up at the Ravenswood Winery waaaay back in the early 90s. Random, but really good.

Batty said...

That hat is so cute! I can't imagine being outside in this weather without one. Yesterday, I was walking back from knit night, and I almost froze with several layers on, a camel hair scarf, and a hat that almost covered my eyes. Clearly, Isabel needs a hat.

And that's a nice warm stew. It's perfect stew weather. Or soup. I wonder if I have the ingredients for lentil soup...

Carol said...

It's almost dangerous not to wear a hat in a New England winter. Glad she has one now - and a pretty one too.
Need to make that stew...

Hilary said...

Cute hat! And how nice of you to make it for Isabel. I also shiver when I think about (myself or anyone else) purchasing things like knit hats. I LOVE the picture of the stew, too. The stew, pot, Kitchenaid, and cool Mustard thingy are so perfect!

Anonymous said...

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