Friday, February 19, 2010

It's kind of amazing the amount of knitting that can get done when you work in Aran weight yarn, isn't it? I haven't had big chunks of time this week (well, except for that glorious Playstation Day...) but look how far we've come on the new and improved Calvados!

Just some sleeve caps, some ends to weave, and a little surprise on the back. Will totally be able to sport this puppy next week in Maine. Without looking like the walking dead.

In addition to the Calvados, I've gotten organized on some of the other FOs and UFOs in the "Deal With" pile - in between snow and skating and errands and friends. I also wrote up my very first official submission somewhere, and I've even made my first online WEBS yarn purchase in order to finish the chunky purple guy on top. Strangely enough, Cascade 128 Heathers is an elusive yarn. Who knew? It's awesome stuff. Just can't find it around here.

It looks like I'm entering back into a purple phase - there's one more cardigan in the works upstairs who also lives near in same area on the color wheel. (In fact, there's a few things upstairs, but I'm allowed to still ingore some things, right?) The color theme is largely due to the fact that I've dug into stash to work on the next few projects, but it makes me happy regardless of the reason. My stash definitely leans towards the purples.

Mmmm. Deep violet alpaca mixed with an eggplant Kathmandu Tweed. Doesn't get any softer than that, does it? Once I finish up experimenting with the Calvados, I think my cassis and blackberry brandies might get a little attention in the drink department for this guy.

Or I'll be trying something totally new to go purple with, since I've been waiting for this place to open in nearby Davis Square and it looks like they have. The Boston Shaker. Cocktail Nirvana.


PS. Craig was messing with me. It's his idea of a good time. He never actually DID ask his client from France how to pronounce Calvados, but just sent me on a little tangent there and had fun listening to me blather on. I can now go back to saying Cal VA dos until I am set right. Any French blog readers out there?


QuiltedSimple said...

I like it in the yellow, but think it is going to be awesome in the grey. I've got my yarn all picked out and ready to go - Lana Bambu if I can get the guage right - and that purple knit is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous knitting. Great yarn. Casis. Yum!

Anonymous said...

Thea -- it's always the last syllable: cal-va-DOS. The alpaca/Kathmandu Tweed looks so "touchable." Good luck!

Chris said...

I am SO addicted to purple as well. Gorgeous sweaters. I'm looking forward to Calvados no matter how it's pronounced.

Anonymous said...

I love cascade 128!!! And that orange color, whatever it is or will be is magnificant! Oh, and the yellow is too!

LizzyA said...

I've always heard it pronounced CALvados. For what it's worth I took French for years a long time ago.