Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The day didn't look so promising earlier, but now it's looking good.

We're getting snow, first of all. And I know the rest of the East Coast might not understand why this is good news to us, but we've been wanting some of the fluffy stuff up here. Sleds have sat listless and snowpants are itching to go outside. As are the kids who own them.

Second of all, I have new CDs to knit to. They're both awesome.

Thirdly, I added up the math on my pattern sales for Haiti and will be writing an additional $360 check to Doctors Without Borders this week. Just for comparison's sake, I sold around $700 in patterns TOTAL in 2009. You guys bought about that amount in 4 weeks this year! So thanks, thanks, thanks. I'm very happy to be able to add to the greater effort this way.

And finally, the pediatrician says we'll live thru our early morning ear infection and still manage to get to see Percy Jackson and the Olympians at 1:30 today as planned. After Percy, I'm getting back to my Olympic project. (see the theme there?) A project I have gotten lots of time to work on, since I bought Craig a Playstation 3 for Valentine's Day. He spent all day yesterday with the girls playing something called Little Big Planet.

Who knew the Playstation was a gift for me too?? I'm a genius. Yes I am.

They played and I knit ALL DAY. Not exaggerating. All Day.

So here's my Olympic status.

A back, one big front and half of the smaller front all knit up. I'm leaving the gold behind and going for the dark gray. The Kathmandu Aran was a great call. It's much more drapey and better suited for both my coloring and the pattern. I even have cool buttons waiting in the wings that will do the gray justice. Unfortunately a sweater did get hurt in the reknitting of this pattern, but it was one that saw very little airtime, so I'm not feeling too bad about it.

Instead I'm happy the yarn will have a second life, and given the awesome charity hit to my knitting budget, this was a necessary sacrifice. (The deal around here is that I fund my little design career out of the money it brings in.)

The other thing I'm looking forward to later today?

More experiments with this stuff. Craig did ask his French client and you pronounce it Cal-va-DOS. Which only adds to the Spanish thing in my opinion. Now we just draw out the SSSSSSS.

(and that purple thing? You'll see that later.)


Katinka said...

LOL, my husband plays Little Big Planet with the kids, too. My favorite thing about the PS3, though, is the fact that you can stream Netflix directly onto it. My husband and I joke that we'll never need to leave our room again.

QuiltedSimple said...

that was a great idea for the PS3 - especially if it means more knitting time. I like the grey - should look really good when done. And I'll send the snow your way. glady. we are so tired of it!

Amy said...

I love the new yarn choice!!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

All day knitting?? I can't wait until my kids can entertain themselves that long, not to mention getting themselves their own drinks and snacks.

Patty said...

I'm envious! Love the blue flecks in the grey yarn. Can't wait to see the entire thing!

Kym said...

Oh, you're going to love it when your kids are teenagers (older ones, not the early teens; bleh) -- they leave you along ALL the time (except when they want money or permission). :-)

Teresa said...

I'm loving the new Corinne Bailey Rae. So. Nice.

Penny said...

How was the movie? My little guy has read 3 of the books and loves them. We are planning on going next weekend!

Thea said...

Hi Penny,

VERY different from the book. They changed a lot of stuff. But fun and a good time. Cool special effects.


Hilary said...

Hey, that's a lot of progress on that Olympic sweater! I do love the gold, but the tweedy stuff is REALLY pretty.

Sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun out there!

Laurie said...

Calvados: how to make apples bad for you. (Just kidding, really.)

Your Olympic knitting is just cruising along. (And some people without kids liked the snow too.)