Monday, February 08, 2010

First the hat stack.

I bought three skeins of this amazing Solstice yarn last week - it's a cotton/wool mix, and it comes in some lovely colors. Now, I am knitting 3 baby hats of various sizes - to be stacked in one another and gifted with a bow around all three. Genius, huh?

Like a terducken of yarn. The Newborn, inside the 3-6 mos, inside the 6-12 mos. I'm pretty happy with this little project, and it's great mindless knitting.

Here are the first two, unstacked. Once blocked, you'll see little purled ducks on the blue one and little purled stars on the orange one. I think the bigger one might be striped, but I haven't decided yet. It'll use the navy blue for the brim, no matter what, so the rainbow stacking effect is as cool as it can be.

It was a good thing I had mindless knitting this weekend, since we were very busy with preparations for Zoe's big Penguin Party. Here's an action shot with a few of them around the table. Do you like those penguin masks? They sure did.

(I think they all looked like little Mexican wrestlers.)

Check out the cake - which took us most of Sat morning to create. Turns out black sprinkles makes kid's mouths purple. Who knew? But the purple lips looked even more awesome with the penguin masks. 6 year olds can rock anything.

Here you can see the whole effect. Zoe had stapled little party hats to each mask with the kids' names on them. Which made them even cooler.

See? Mexican wrestler. With a birthday hat, eating cake.

After the party, I took the kids down the block for a little ice skating on our local pond. I guess the sun was behind Maya and I here, but that didn't stop my photographer from capturing the moment.

A good weekend all around! Hope yours was fun too.


Holli said...

Wow! Awesome party and cake!! And I love the skating photo. How sweet.

Patty said...

So much fun! Lucky kids you've got there!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

I love the terducken hat idea! So adorable.

Kym said...

What a delightful party! I love the masks! What a perfect touch.

Anonymous said...

Hubby says: the white meat was tastier than the dark on that cake! Nice job.

Hilary said...

Stacked hats...brilliant! (Calling them the turducken of yarn was also hilariously brilliant!)

Zoe's penguin party looks like it was a blast, and yes they do look like little Lucha Libre fighters!

Chris said...

What a great hat idea! That birthday party looks fabulous. Lucky girl!

Carol said...

You must write up the hat stack patterns JUST so you can call it the hat turducken. Brilliant.

Kathleen said...

Anything connecting knitting to terducken is awesome in my book. Happy birthday to Zoe!

Laurie said...

The hat stacking is genius. And I didn't realize skating still happened on local ponds.