Saturday, February 13, 2010

But I did.

Cast on for an Olympic project. I'm not sure what event I'd qualify for, and I never did take the time to check for one, so I'm on my own little team off in the Vancouver wilderness, so to speak. Knitting this Hmmm (Calvados) One More Time.

Third's a charm, right?

It happened yesterday when Carol came over. I knew it all along really, but I ignored the voice in my head that kept saying, "You look like ass in yelllows". I knew it way back when in the shop. Really, I did. But I ignored. It was soooo pretty, and it was on sale.

I kept telling the voice that the yarn is more of a butterscotch, really. And the cardigan does look good in butterscotch. Problem is that I don't. And Carol confirmed. Not a color I should really ever wear. The cardigan's fine. Carol also confirmed. She tried it on. She even offered to join my little posse of test knitters. The shape and stuff, that's all good. But, either I need serious makeup and hair dye, or I need to rethink.

To top it off, that Jameisons? Really lovely, but still not the soft drape I crave on this. It'll photograph nicely, and it'll look great in my headless photos, and the kinks are all worked out, but ladies and gents, I'm going in One More Time. And I'm going to get it over with fast. Olympic fast.

This time out of Kathmandu Aran Tweed in a dark gray. With teal flecks.
Soft and drapey. Blue and gray. Stormy Calvados? (since I still want to say Calvados and I still want to make a few drinks out of the stuff...)

We're about to get in the car right now, so I see two hours of Olympic Quality Time ahead.
I still plan on wearing that baby at SPA, yes I do. I just won't look quite as living dead in the gray as I would in the butterscotch.

PS. My Haiti patterns are still up - and 60% is going to help for two more days!


Jean E. said...

Where can I find the Haiti Patterns?

Kathleen said...

Let's form Team Crazy To Decide To Do This When The Opening Ceremonies Are Taking Place!

Batty said...

I also look like crud in yellow. It looks amazing on people with dark skin, but there are few of the paler bunch who can pull it off. The gray should look fabulous, though.

Anonymous said...

Amiable fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you as your information.

Kym said...

Yellow doesn't work for me anymore either - although it used to. (It's the hair that did it!) Dark grey with teal flecks sounds divine, though. Can't wait to see.

Sarah said...

I'll join you on Team Knitting in the Wilderness. I told myself I didn't need any deadlines right now... and then I took Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's class at Madrona and somehow found myself vowing to lever knit a baby sweater immediately. I can't duck a challenge, it seems.

I think Stormy Calvados is going to be drop-dead gorgeous in a grey tweed. Yum. I can't wear yellow either, alas.

Carol said...

It's not that the yellow was awful, just not the best color. The new one will be gorgeous on you. And my offer to test knit still stands.