Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Anyone who's knit Woven or seen my Facebook shot will know what I'm talking about.

For the rest of you, it's a new hat pattern!

It's a slouchy beret, with simple smocked detailing, knit in a soft bulky yarn.
A row of eyelets lives just above the brim, almost hidden, but not exactly.

I though of putting a pom pom on it, but wasn't sure.

Can we still wear Pom Poms after 40? I know the whole miniskirt thing is off limits, and my sister tells me to stay away from Forever 21 (although, for the life of me, I just CAN'T), but a pom pom? They seem pretty harmless, but I'm hesitating. Do I have to be done with those too? What's your feeling - yay or nay?

Tell me, as I'll be writing this guy up this morning.

Hanging out in the sink here - it was the best light in the house today.

The whole thing was kind of a surprise, as I hadn't planned on making a beret at all.

I just loved this skein of Cascade 128 Superwash when I saw it in Purl last month and I couldn't leave it there. My sister in law loved the deep red, and once I picked them up, there was no putting them down. (So, I've actually made two berets, but the other is walking around NYC by now on Lisa's head...) The smocking was a surprise too - I decided I've seen enough cabled berets and tons of plain ones, but what hadn't I seen? Smocking. And I'm working on another little smocking project, so I have it on the brain. (so to speak, right?)

So here you go, a Blackberry Surprise.

PS - want to see something adorable for a little girl? Click here.


At Home Mommy Knits said...

Great beret. The pom pom??? I can't think it matters. If you like it then go for it :)

Amy said...

Love love love the beret. I vote no on the pompom, though. (Thanks for the link, too!)

Chris said...

Beautiful beret! I vote no on the pompom, too. It would obscure how nicely it comes together at the top.

Holli said...

LOVE the beret, Thea! Really, truly. It's gorgeous. I'm not a pom-pom person myself and agree that it would obscure the nice finish of this piece on the I vote no on the pp.

I recently bumped into a pile of Cascade 128 -- I love it!

Kathleen said...

Just friended you on FB :)

I tend not to make pompons, mostly because I don't have a pompon maker and always feel my yarn money is better spent on ... yarn. But they can be really cute. Tough call.

Hilary said...

Fabulous hat. I vote yay on the pom-pom. And I think pom-poms are appropriate for any age!

Anonymous said...

Pom-poms recall either young girls or women of a certain age...hard to pull it off successfully at age 40, but it could start a trend!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I think a pom pom can be worn - by the right person. It wouldn't work for everyone so of course it'll be an optional part. I'd love to see the beret with and without to compare!

And yes I adore that flower jacket!

Kym said...

Personally, I think mini-skirts have much more to do with legs than age. I mean, I'm (almost) 51, but I work hard to keep my legs lookin' good -- and, by golly, I don a mini-skirt once in a while. By the same token, I've seen many a 20-something that really ought to reconsider the mini-skirt. So. Thea. You just march yourself into Forever 21 and have at it!

As for pom-poms? I've always hated them. Great hat, though!

Carol said...

Step away from the pompom maker! The beret is perfect as is. Use an editing eye as Tim Gunn would say! (LOVE the sink shots. Totally missing Caro...)

Anonymous said...

My kids, and I have 6 of them from ages 10-24 so I'm assuming at least one of them should know, all tell me pom-poms are a total no-no! And trust me, age 16 daughter is an absolute fashion police!

Wonderful beret, and I agree, all the smocking comes together so beautifully in the middle, you shouldn't cover it up. ~Jan

Patty said...

Love the beret! If only I could wear a hat w/o folks pointing and laughing! Voting for no pom pom.