Monday, March 15, 2010

First the booze. You may need it before you see all the mud and it may make you more likely to appreciate the new cardigan that much more. You think? Vodka does tend to work that way.

This here is vanilla vodka and it may be my new favorite thing. I read about a drink where they mix vanilla vodka with Dr Pepper and black cherries and rim the glass with something that seems like a creamsicle. It's from a bar in Cambridge, so I cut the article out of the magazine in the hopes I get myself over there and try one.

Then, on Friday, some of my friends were going to that exact bar but I couldn't join them. :-( Instead I told them about the drink via email. in case they wanted to give it shot. (Hey guys -- did anyone try it??) And then, saddened but undeterred, I went to the store to try and create it at home. But I totally forgot the Dr Pepper and I couldn't do the creamsicle rim at all, and the cherries seemed like a big pain in the ass, so here's where I ended up.

Not a bad spot to end up. It totally rocks. Like lime-y cream soda.

2 oz vanilla vodka
soda water
shot of lime juice
sliced lime - squeezed
over ice.

I'm not sure vanilla vodka isn't a chick drink, but it's pretty good anyways. (On the blue drink front, we're getting someplace, but we still have work to do. )

So that's the new drink.
Below, eeeeew. The Old Mud.

Old Mud, but newly wettened. This would be my yard. Even in dry weather it's not so pretty, and often muddy, but now? It's just nasty. Things are afraid to grow here on a good day, with all the kids running around in the vast un-landscaped space we call home. (Vast by Arlington standards.) After 3 days of rain, it's a muck pond. We're lucky though. The water is all in the yard, where I don't have to do anything about it. Lots of our poor neighbors are spending the day playing basement games with sump pumps and buckets.

And me? My ugly yard leaves me free to sit here and work on my cool new neckline.
In yarn distinctly LESS colorful than my last post.

I'm still not sure I like how I'm working the angles on the neckline and I may reknit it for a some more distinct mitered corners, but overall I think I've figured out a basic design with the proportions and look I was going for.

I'm also unsure about how I want to fasten this baby, or if I want to fasten it at all. My goal was to have a cropped short sleeved sweater to throw over a loose tank in summer. One of those pleat-y, float-y cotton tanks that go pretty long over your jeans. So it would be long and the cardigan would be extra short. Or I can wear it over a sundress with a high waist. So maybe I don't need any buttons... But maybe I want them anyhow?

Here's the back. Same lace detail as the front, but wider panels. So, just a little blocking, some short sleeves and a couple of decisions left. Lucky for me, I've also begun my green scarf so I can cruise along on that while I make up my mind.

What do you guys think - buttons? fastening? or no?


Anonymous said...

hmmm needs some kind of fastening in the front--should blend in and not hit like a chicken pox though--small buttons I think would work like a grey pearl to match the yarn--a loop would work.

QuiltedSimple said...

i think some sort of button with loop closure - but small enough loop if you didn't want to fasten it you wouldn't have to - maybe two small buttons with a loop thingy running between? LOVE IT though. And the mud? We have tons of it here too....and i am already so sick of it:)

Anonymous said...

oh where do I start. Great drink. I honestly haven't had vodka in so long but I'm thinking I need to rectify that. I drink wine almost to the exclusion of all else but vanilla vodka, even if it is a chick drink, sounds fab.

And mud? I wish we had enough rain to make mud!!

I'm intrigued by your design. it's got so much going for it! And remember how I'm knitting your Golden Vintage? I need to sew it up and it's done. Very keen to try another of your designs!

Anonymous said...

Top-down with attitude -- I love this design! I'm happiest with buttons, but hooks and eyes or left open.

Anonymous said...

How about hook and eye tape so just the little bit of metal shows along the edge?

yoel said...

I like that the cardi is vanilla with a twist. Very appropriate.

And HFC! about the mud. No wonder you needed the vanilla vodka. :)

AmyPinSeattle said...

I don't see buttons or anything that would interrupt the line. I'd go with hidden hook type closure that would hold it close, but not in a clunky or visual way.

I love this sweater...any estimates on availability?

Deborah said...

I am sooo sick of the rain. Half of Belmont was undriveable by rush hour. Where is this un-named bar in Cambridge? As usual I love the sweater. Wouldn't it be great if we could trade some of this rain to an area that is dealing with drought? Just an unrealistic thought.

Carol said...

We're lucky to avoid indoor water too. I think it was the extra drains we added when we did the garden. Sunshine today though! And I'm thinking no closure.

Kym said...

Can't quite get past the mud. . .

As for the fastening. . . what about some sort of simple tie? It needs a fastening - for sure - but I think buttons would draw away from the line, and I think hook-and-eyes would be too restrictive along the front there.

Thea said...

Deborah -- it was the Friendly Toast in Central Square. The Improper Bostonian had a little writeup last month.

AmyPin - availability on this cardi -- maybe a few weeks?

thanks for commenting!

elizabeth said...

Maybe a tie right where the swoop begins?

Sarah said...

I think I'd try sewing on individual hook & eye closures. Nice and unobtrusive if you want to wear it open, and won't break up the lines or distract from/clutter the visual details at the front. It's looking great, mud color and all!

Rebecca said...

Oh,my. . .the mud and you have children. so sorry!

I am just about ready to put sleeve stitches on holders of my White Russian. I love knitting this and imagaine that I will love wearing it. Thanks so much for your wonderful patterns --- I can't wait to get this new one!

As for the closing, I agree that hook and eye treatment would be nice since you are thinking of it as a summer sweater -- less need to close it up. Whatever you do, I know it will be the right thing.

I'm a wine girl, but I am thinking I may have to try that vodka -- used to love vodka.

Lisa said...

It would help (me) to make a decision on the buttons if I could see it on a human, but judging by it laying flat I'm inclined to vote for one button rather than a row of buttons.

Patty said...

I was leaning toward hook and eye but Lisa may have the answer - one nice button! Can't wait to get that on the needles.