Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The strangest thing at SPA was this. A tree in a tree. Not sure where it fell from or how it got stuck there, but every time we left our townhouse, there it was.

and what does it look like to you? Hmmmm. Didn't see that till now.

We didn't notice it the first time we walked by, but then there it was. Not surprising though, (the not noticing) with weather like this on Saturday. You can see we boogied between the hotels when we had to go outside. No looking up, no checking out things in trees.

Better than a tree in a tree, though, is a hat in a hat. In another hat. It's the Baby Hat Terducken I had posted about before, and it's looking done now. A newborn size, inside a 3-6 month size, inside a 6-12 month size.

Like little building blocks.

Besides baby hats, I've been working up the Calvados pattern here in the background. I'm actually pretty close to being done. One of the most interesting things at SPA (well, for me...) was back at the townhouse when my friends all took out the sweater and tried it on. Different shapes and different sizes. It was very cool to see the mods I was thinking about on different people and where things were or weren't tight with the proportions I had used. I have added more notes into the pattern and put my new learnin' to use.

However, the most daunting job (and the one I need to be doing NOW) is to figure out the cables for each size. It's a little more complicated than you'd think, since the buttons have to go IN the cables. I can't just repeat the pattern all the way up, adding 2" each size. Instead I have to figure the best way to chart where each size goes from alternating cables to just buttonhole cables -- and here's the kicker -- while making sure no one gets a Button Nipple.

Important stuff, right?

trees in trees, hats in hats, and buttons (hopefully not nipples) in cables..


Holli said...

This post is a classic, Thea. Trees in trees (ha ha), hats in hats (a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e) and buttons in cables (hopefully).

Have a happy day. NOW go get working on those cables.

Kate W. said...

I never noticed that tree, but then again with the snow coming down I wasn't looking up much.

I loved that sweater... get working on those cables so I can buy the pattern and knit it :-)

So great to meet you!

NJStacie said...

I immediately noticed that tree! It's like someone decided the easiest way to get rid of their Christmas tree was to throw it up there in the other tree.

Barely saw you there! Did manage to get some knitting done, though :)

Chris said...

I love this theme! Yah - it must be someone's christmas tree. Weird. I love those hats. I am so looking forward to this pattern. Buttons/bobbles/concentric pattern in the boob region is not good, I agree!

Kathleen said...

Not the dreaded Button Nipple. Maybe I'll get to SPA next year.

Laurie said...

Yeah, I had to look after you pointed out the tree. *snicker* I really like the hat in hat in hat idea.

grannyannie said...

Anything can happen in Maine...Once we saw fish bait strewn all over I295 near the Freeport exit. Evidently a truck carrying the ripe fish did not clear the preceding bridge and it overturned spilling its contents. Great seeing you last weekend, Thea.

Kathy said...

It *is* important stuff. Especially the button placement :-)

Kym said...

By all means, avoid the Button Nipple. You don't want any pattern "titscrepancies."

QuiltedSimple said... the trees. and yes, button placement on this sweater is VERY important:)

Hilary said...

I am laughing SO hard right now. The tree? First of all, so bizarre that it got stuck up there like that. But also, all I can see now is...well, what you hinted at. HA! And button nipple...classic!!

Patty said...

Can't wait to see Calvados! And Kym...what a riot!

Kym said...

Lest you think I'm original. . . I heard "titscrepancy" on Project Runway. . . Christian Siriano in season 4, I think???? It's a fabulous term, though, non?