Friday, April 02, 2010

Just like the table.

Thanks for all your stories! It's good to know I'm not alone out there in the screwup department and your stories made me laugh too! Seems we burn a lot of stuff, huh?

In the end, I went with the steak, wine and full disclosure. Could not find the damn hooker twins in my little New England world (although I know they exist in the seamy underbelly of town). That was OK, however -- as I've married a man who doesn't see this as a ruined table. He looks at the big black mark and sees a lifetime of future chances to mock me -- kind of a plus in his book. And, if you read his comment on the post, you know I'm even getting a present out of it.

Mockery and an ironing board. Appropriate penance to pay, as I deserve both.

I'll finish up the writing on this next week and get good photos of both versions on a real body. I put a few more pics on my Ravelry page as well.

In the meantime, check out the new Twist!


Mini said...

according the boston globe this morning, all the hookers are in wellesley. :) Kinda makes smile, doesn't it? Last thing (s)wellesley wants to be known for; hookers.

Anonymous said...

Mini --too funny. I bet they dress in Talbots miniskirts!


Renee said...

And a funny story.

Batty said...

Oooh, pretty!

You know, the table thing will only keep coming up until you do something else. I've had quite a few, "Oh, man, I'll never live that down" moments... and then, something else happened that was far more memorable. I guess the good news is you won't be hearing about the table forever. The bad news is... well, there will be something else.

Carol said...

Love the sleeves! And you don't have an ironing board? I thought you used the table out of laziness!

Kym said...

Oh, Thea! I've missed so much while I was on vacation! ;^)

Hilary said...

Soooo pretty, that sweater! And I'm glad all turned out well with the iron incident. Even without hookers. :)

yoel said...

Lovely! That looks like a universally-flattering kind of pattern.

Too funny about the iron thing; hope you enjoy eating off the new ironing board! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love those sleeve ends. Can I do mine like that? Will you tell me how?